A better day for a sad royalist

AS a sad and miserable royalist I always read the letters on the subject to cheer me up.

AS a sad and miserable royalist I always read the letters on the subject to cheer me up.

Though on Prozac for many years, doing this has kept me going.

Ron Humberstone’s letters are an inspiration and always make me giggle. He is clever, isn’t he?

While I sit at home with nothing to do but write to newspapers, I find comfort in the fact I’m not on my own.

When Sir Ian Botham said: “Hang all republicans from the highest bough of the oak tree,”

I laughed so much my head nearly fell off! That, of course was one of my better days.

Eric, Derbyshire

Makes us angry

How can a migrant family be given a three-bed council house, when they own a house of their own, which they now intend to sell?

People born and bred in Britain can be years trying to get a council property. This is the kind of situation which makes people angry and feel as if we are becoming third-rate citizens in our own country.

M Roberts, Lodge Moor, S10

Plastic bags

On shopping at the Heron food store in Newfield Green, Gleadless, I was appalled by the number of plastic bags customers could take willy-nilly from the check out. Surely Heron needs to put this right in view of the present climate.

EB Warris, Raeburn Place, S14

Report pothole

After reporting a pothole in the middle of the road outside my house, I was asked for my phone number and address, which I gave. I was then asked if my house was a private house. I wonder how that helped?

JH, S6

Katie’s price

Katie Price is trying to break the world record for singing books. I bet all her books will be bought by very gullible folk. This means they will have to pay Katie’s price.

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