Rallying call as exports show dip

International trade expert Mark Robson has issued a rallying cry to the Yorkshire and the Humber business community, as the latest figures show a dip in the value of the region’s exports.

The latest figures from HM Revenue and Customs show that total exports for the region fell by £100 million, from just over £3.9 billion in the first three months of the year to just under £3.8 billion.

That is around £300 million below the figure for the same period last year.

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Mr Robson, international trade director for UK Trade & Investment, says that the fall is ‘slightly disappointing’ but understandable, given the challenges facing the global economy and the Eurozone in particular.

“The key figure for me is the number of regional exporters, which continues to show a healthy year-on-year increase,” says Mr Robson.

“This demonstrates that companies are continuing to go global and are actively pursuing opportunities in overseas markets where there is still business to be done,” he said.

“That is absolutely the right strategy and approach, and I hope many more companies adopt that mindset.

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“Despite the obvious trading difficulties in some regions, I truly believe there has never been a better time for a UK business to consider trading overseas, or to expand an existing international operation.

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“My underlying message is that global opportunities remain despite the apparent doom and gloom, not least in Eastern Europe, South America and South East Asia and beyond.

“We still have masses of untapped potential as a region across a broad range of sectors, from legal and professional services through to healthcare innovation, green technology and infrastructure support solutions,” said Mr Robson.

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