COLUMN: Scrapping of emergency loan window could affect all levels

Sheffield Wednesday v Peterborough......GOAL.....Ross Barkley celebrates his goalSheffield Wednesday v Peterborough......GOAL.....Ross Barkley celebrates his goal
Sheffield Wednesday v Peterborough......GOAL.....Ross Barkley celebrates his goal
Many despise the over-use of them while others believe it's become bread and butter of the game.

Loan signings.

Whether you love them or hate them, one thing’s for sure and that is that from next season the amount of these type of transfers will reduce considerably.

That’s because FIFA have decided to scrap the emergency loan window.

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They want away with the temporary deals that are commonplace in the Football League and instead loans will either have to run the entire season or from January onwards.

FIFA say they want to protect the “sporting integrity of competitions”.

Make of that what you will, given the governing body’s questionable reputation.

The scrapping of the loan window means we will no longer see our clubs bring in a player on month-to-month deals.

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Some may say this is a good thing but there are plenty of examples of players and clubs who have benefited from a short stint.

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David Beckham credits his temporary spell on loan at Preston North End in the early part of his career as being pivotal for making the breakthrough at Manchester United.

He hasn’t done too bad for himself after that.

Another example is the current crop of England stars who will be hoping to figure at this summer’s European Championships.

Ross Barkley, Harry Kane and Gary Cahill all enjoyed productive spells in the Football League whilst being away from their parent clubs and those temporary switches certainly stood them in good stead.

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With the scrapping of the emergency loan window, it is likely these short, sharp transfers could affect the future England side.

No longer will players be able to go out for a few games.

They either have to commit to a full or half-season, or are forced to bide their time and wait for their call-up to the first team.

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It’s a strange decision to scrap the window and certainly the biggest effect will be on clubs at the lower reaches of the Football League.

Those who seem to rely on loan deals as they cannot simply afford to have a squad of 20+ professional players on full-time contracts.

It seems a naive decision by FIFA and only time will tell if it is the correct one.