Top tips for stress-free driving

As hopes of foreign holidays are shelved for the foreseeable future, Brits have been offered eight road trip tips to help make long car journeys as stress-free as possible.

Staycations are convenient, affordable, and better for the environment. Brits choosing to holiday closer to home this summer will want to experience new UK destinations that may take a long car journey to get to.

If there are children with you then make sure they are entertained. Play I Spy Games or let them use hand-held computer games to keep them from getting bored.

There are books of quizzes and things to spot on a journey which may be worth the investment.

Here are top tips for long drives this summer:Plan the routeThis might sound simple, but Brits need to know the route they wish to take to their destination. Whilst sat navs help take a lot of this planning away, no signal, low battery and more can sabotage the drive. The route needs to be driveable and in good condition, and avoiding certain roads could save time.

Get a good night’s sleepBeing tired on the open road is dangerous, so Brits need to make sure they get a good night’s rest before leaving. This is especially important if leaving early in the morning, and the driver needs to take it upon themselves to go to bed earlier than usual to ensure they get enough sleep before the journey.Do not consume alcohol or any other intoxicants the day before leaving.

Take a break every two hoursOne of the most crucial tips for road trips is to get out of the car every two hours or 120 miles driven.Stop to fuel up, grab a bite to eat, use the toilet or simply stretch. Taking a break will give drivers a boost until the next stop.

Share the drive if possibleIf Brits can share the driving with someone else, then they’ll be less likely to get tired behind the wheel. It is recommended not to drive more than a total of ten hours in one day.

Dress for comfort in the carWearing comfortable clothes and shoes are super important for a long car journey. It’s not a fashion show, safety and comfort trumps how a driver looks.Maybe take a pillow if the driver’s back tends to ache when behind the wheel for an extended time.

Eat light and stay hydratedEating a heavy meal or carb-laden fast food items isn’t always a good idea if you’ve got a hefty road trip ahead of you. They’ll leave driver’s feeling bloated and uncomfortable with no way to walk off the meal. Instead, eat snacks and small portions of healthy food at regular intervals.Also drink lots of water to keep hydrated, as drivers can always stop for a quick toilet break.Fresh air is a mustEven though most cars have air conditioning, fresh air is essential to keep drivers alert. On the motorway it can be loud, but when appropriate, we’d recommend opening the windows intermittently to let fresh air into the car.

Take a detour to see something excitingSpontaneity and flexibility are needed when it comes to road trips and can make a long drive much more enjoyable and exciting.One tip for a long drive is to pull over and see something cool and exciting that you didn’t plan to see. site compiled the list of easy-to-action tips that will help Brits travel safely and have a more comfortable journey this summer.

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