Dinosaurs find a new home at Gulliver's Kingdom

Dinosaurs at Gulliver's  Kindom, Matlock Bath.Dinosaurs at Gulliver's  Kindom, Matlock Bath.
Dinosaurs at Gulliver's Kindom, Matlock Bath.
This dinosaur looks like it may have lost its way from the Jurassic Park film set but it's ready for a good rest in Matlock Bath after roaming the hills of Derbyshire.

Fourteen animatronic dinosaurs have taken up residence at the Gulliver’s Kingdom theme park.

Dean Kimberley, director of guest services at Gulliver’s, said: “We are glad to have the new dinos at Gulliver’s Kingdom. The dinos offer a wole new world especially for young dino lovers. It’s an exciting new attraction for Matlock Bath, there’s nothing else in the area like it.”

Entry to the Lost World of the Living Dinosaurs at Gulliver’s is included in the price of your theme park ticket.

For more details, go to www.gulliversfun.co.uk/gullivers-kingdom-matlock-bath