Intriguing art comes from Poland to the Peak District

The commitment to showcasing the work of international artists at the LEVEL Centre, Rowsley, continues apace with a series of installations by Polish artists Grzegorz Rogala and Joanna Krzyszton.

For two weeks from February 10, the Warsaw artists will invite audiences of all abilities and ages to come and animate the installations, including groups from across the county with learning disabilities (LEVEL’s primary audience).

Friday 17 February, from 6.30pm-9pm is the Showcase Event, when local artists and audiences are invited to the LEVEL Centre to view and interact with the installations.

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Artist Grzegorz Rogala is an experimental filmmaker whose main interest is in computer art and 3D animation for interactive installations, while artist Joanna Krzyszton is a painter who creates both immersive abstract paintings and paintings derived from photography.

In 2011, the two artists began a collaboration in the field of interactive installations, resulting in the installations they are bringing to the LEVEL Centre.

Caroline Bagnall of LEVEL said: “The installations work so well for the people we work with as they marry fine art sensibilities with immediate, intuitive action that can produce enormous joy for people when they realise their actions are having an impact ‘in the moment’.

“It holds just as much intrigue, though, for people who aren’t disabled and we look forward to having a diverse audience for this very special showcase event.”

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The installations include Archipelago, a 3D work inviting the performer to use body movements to conjure islands from the sea, and La Route Jura Paris, which allows the player to develop a musical line and images which travel in a continuous line around the space.

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International curator Malgorzata Sady added: “The installations by Joanna and Grzegorz are extraordinary, being the work of two artists with different backgrounds but sharing the same objective of bringing to life the amazing world which attracts and intrigues, turning the audience into creators and explorers of the unknown, the beautiful and the enchanting.

“It is both a very physical and a very metaphysical experience. While the complicated technical issues are not to be sorted out easily, the pleasure and enjoyment of encountering this realm is immense.”

Archipelago is at the LEVEL Centre weekdays until February 24, with the public showcase and an opportunity to meet the artists on Friday, February 17 from 6.30-9.00pm. The February 16 showcase is an open event with no need to book, but those interested in attending the weekday daytime shows should pre-book by telephoning the Level Centre on 01629 734848 or emailing [email protected]. This is a free event.

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