Buxton Amateur Boxing Club's annual Devonshire Dome event is a big success

Buxton Amateur Boxing Club are celebrating success following the hosting of their annual show this November at the Devonshire Dome, writes Ciaran Broomhead.

Action from Buxton Amateur Boxing Club's annual show, which attracted lots of fans and fighters.
Action from Buxton Amateur Boxing Club's annual show, which attracted lots of fans and fighters.

Following a sustained lockdown break, some of the clubs more experienced boxers had made the decision to step back from active competition and a number of the boxers on the bill were stepping up to make their debut.

Having worked tirelessly to reach the levels required to box at this level each Boxer can look forward to a busy 2022.

First up was Cyle Mcguigan competing in a Skills contest looking to gain experience boxing in front full crowd. Mcguigan boxed well and demonstrated he is now ready to compete at an open level in the New Year.

Debutant Will Hadfield was involved in a barnstormer of a contest, starting fast there was concern he may start to blow however his strength and accuracy continued to prevail. Hadfield continued to throw long straight shots, filling the space when his opponent moved backwards. This was a solid and challenging start for Will who came out a well-deserved winner.

Ollie Ransom pushed hard in his second contest but was closed out by a very strong body puncher. Both boxers were applauded for a terrific Schoolboy Contest.

The next four boxers were all making their debut, Jayden Green put in a brave performance and walked through a number of heavy shots against a tall and skilful opponent. This was a close loss for Green, but a great learning contest.

Previously pencilled in for a Skills contest, Caylum Martin had shown such improvement over the last month the Coaching Team were keen to upgrade his Bout to a Scoring Contest. It was the correct decision, Martin Lost this one but demonstrated himself a skilled Southpaw operator in a close hard fought contest.

Reece Bramwell turned a corner in the Gym after Lockdown and has never looked back, his hard work and dedication enabled him to secure a winning start his boxing career. A strong, capable Nottingham opponent challenged his counter-boxing style, but Reece had the tools to deal with the early onslaught. Staying calm throughout, Reece was forced to trade and box to take each round.

Ennis Kirk Fletcher continues to look solid in the Gym and Sparring, looking good in all aspects of boxing. Ennis was forced to work hard throughout this bout but defended confidently behind a good guard and worked tirelessly. Owing to his fitness, there was never any concern that Fletcher would tire first and he was encouraged to press and press again. This paid dividends as he secured the victory in a terrific Junior tussle.

Lewis Lingard cruised to victory boxing well at long range, scoring regularly with straights to both head and body, Lewis controlled the contest. Lingard was the deserved winner of the Gary Thompson Trophy for Boxer of the Year, rewarding his run in the National Championships and ongoing improvement as a Boxer.

Boxing for the third time in three weeks Josh Tatton had been swerved by his intended opponent after meeting him the week earlier. Instead boxing an awkward and erratic Southpaw, the Buxton Boxer got tagged with a shot in the third round decider and never fully got back on top, ultimately leading to the Referee stepping in to close the contest. This was not to be Josh's night, but he is an exciting prospect who promises great things in the future.

Buxton powerhouse Rob Wells competed in a classic contest, dropping the first session Rob went out instructed to take a shot where necessary, to deliver his own. Wells ploughed shots down the middle from mid-range for the next two rounds with increasing success. This was a great battle between two strong boxers giving their all, Wells came out on top for the better work in the final two rounds.

Connor Blackham demonstrated flying fitness with three rounds of nonstop punching which started to catch-up with a strong and durable opponent from round two. Dropping the first, Blackham remained determined and, with faith in his engine, continued to press, backing his opponent up landing with increased frequency and power.

Big Jake Williams had the crowd bouncing in the penultimate contest and looked very assured for only his second bout. Both boxers tipped the scales at over 100 kg's, moving well and looking fit throughout. Williams opponent boxed nicely on the back foot in the first, keeping distance from the Buxton boxer in Blue. Sent out in to the second to apply pressure and cut of the ring, Williams sought to cut down the distance this was a highly competitive bout between

Adam Mears was reduced to a couple of weeks training due to illness and injury but, leading by example, there was no moaning or negativity brought in to the Gym, just hard work to equip himself as well as possible. Boxing talent from South Normanton School of Boxing this was an explosive contest throughout, with each boxer trading hurtful scoring shots. Mears was forced to dig deep and show his grit, determination and bravery to take the last session and win the contest, closing a successful night for Buxton A.B.C and its next generation of Boxing stars.