COLUMN: Opening day gives fans the chance to dream

Bournemouth in the Champions League places, Man City and Man United marooned in mid-table and Tottenham looking over their shoulders at the relegation zone.

The opening day gives fans of all clubs a chance to dream.
The opening day gives fans of all clubs a chance to dream.

This isn’t the likely outcome for the end of the Premier League season, but the opening day of any campaign allows supporters of all clubs the opportunity to dream.

Just glancing at the table before a ball has even been kicked can be seen as highly irrelevant (which it is, to an extent).

But it also means supporters of clubs like Bournemouth can revel in how far they’ve come - despite how tough the next nine months may be.

Bournemouth’s story has been well-documented and when they step out on the pitch against Aston Villa tomorrow, it will be a moment that every single person associated with the Cherries never thought possible.

Likewise, other clubs that have seen nothing but despair and relegation in recent times can start afresh and look to a new, and hopefully brighter, future.

The opening day of any season always conjures up positive thoughts.

“This is our year” may say some overly-optimistic supporters.

“It can’t be worse than last year” will say others.

Of course the optimism can vanish early into a season - for some it may occur as soon as 5pm on Saturday, especially if their side has been on the end of a tonking.

But, the beauty of football is that there’s always next season!