COLUMN: Festive football fix is here to stay - so make the most of it

Every year there’s the same argument.
Festive football is here to stay.Festive football is here to stay.
Festive football is here to stay.

Those who want a festive break and those who want to maintain the constant flow of matches between Christmas and New Year.

The constant struggle between trying to benefit the national team and those wanting to keep the ritual of a busy festive period.

But as long as the subject of a winter break remains unsettled, for the time being it’s time to enjoy the flurry of winter footy.

And so with the festive period it becomes even more intriguing given the state of the top flight.

Who would have wagered that Leicester City would be anywhere near the top of the table on Christmas Day?

At the same time, not many would be brave enough to predict champions Chelsea would be lingering near the bottom three.

However, that’s what makes the Premier League so enthralling.

And the competitiveness isnt’ just restricted to the top flight of English football.

Dip down into the lower leagues and you will get plenty of yuletide entertainment.

Imagine if the powers-that-be actually bringing in a winter break and just think of all that you would be missing out on.

Going to the football during the festive season, whether it be a Boxing Day jaunt or a New Year’s Day home match, is an institution.

It throws back so many memories and let’s not forget that once upon a time teams used to play on Christmas Day itself.

The proposal that football should take a back seat during festivities is ludicrous as it is impractical.

The clog of fixtures would just add to an already congested schedule later in the campaign.

Christmas and New Year matches come thick and fast and are part of the joys of the British game.

For the time being at least, they’re here to stay - and for that we should all raise a (festive) toast.