Argos Christmas toys UK: store reveals top 15 toys for 2022 - from Paw Patrol, Squishmallow, Lego Harry Potter

Argos reveals top 15 toys for Christmas 2022, from Paw to SquishmallowArgos reveals top 15 toys for Christmas 2022, from Paw to Squishmallow
Argos reveals top 15 toys for Christmas 2022, from Paw to Squishmallow | Argos reveals top 15 toys for Christmas 2022, from Paw to Squishmallow

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Argos has revealed its annual list of the top toys anticipated to sell out for Christmas - from Lego Harry Potter, Pokemon TCG: Tin, to Squishmallow

Argos‘ annual list of the top 15 expected to dominate children’s Christmas wishlists for 2022 is always worth paying attention to - particularlywith the festive season in full swing. Its time to consider what to buy the children in your life, and the Argos list is a proper godsend. From parents, grandparents, to guardians and godparents, adults will be starting to consider what their beloved kids will wants. The Argos’ top toy list is something of an institution - featuring toys across multiple price points, from as little as £10 - and covering various interests and age groups.

If you’re stumped as to what to buy the kids in your life, it’s a great reference point. From new arrivals to popular perrenial favourites, it’s required Christmas reading.

Chad Valley Dinosaur Waterfall Bath Toy

Suitable for kids: 10 months and above

Some babies love to splash - others loathe bathtime. Both types of bubs are likely to enjoy bathing more with a toy distraction, and this dinosaur toy is an effective way of making bathing a tiny head fun. Grandparents - this is as much a gift for parents at it is their progeny.

Argos product description: With his pouring cup and water wheel, this Chad Valley toy ensures bathing is a breeze. Suction cups make attaching to your bath and tiles so easy.

This rainbow-coloured reptile gently showers little heads while aiding development. He’s fun to play with and his clever spinning motion encourages hand-eye coordination too. Bid farewell to bath-time tears.

Paw Patrol Big Truck Pups

Suitable for: children aged 3 years and older

There are several options for the Paw Patrol trucks - a TV series that inspires an almost slavish devotion in toddlers. You can select the puppy/truck that your wee one loves best, or collect them all if you’re feeling flush. For our money? You can’t be cooler, in a kids’ eyes, than a fire truck

Argos product description: Team up with Marshall for some action-packed highway rescues, in his Big Truck Pup Rescue Truck.

Marshall’s big rig rescue firetruck features an exciting vehicle transformation giving you the chance to convert the truck into a 2-level command centre and the ultimate vehicle for high-speed highway rescue missions.

Squishmallow Octopus

Suitable for: children aged 3 years and older

Little kids, you’ll undoubtedly know, are delightfully tacticle, so a plush, super soft toy is ideal for giving them both sensory stimulation and comfort.

Argos product description: This ultra-squeezable, 12” medium-sized plush is made with high-quality and ultrasoft materials. This soft plush is perfect to snuggle with while relaxing at home, watching a movie, or taking a long car or plane ride. These loveable and squeezable Squishmallows are the softest and cutest plush toys around.

NERF Elite 2.0 Ranger PD-5 Blaster

Suitable for: children aged 8 years and older

Look, blaster guns are not for the faint of heart. You will end up with darts whizzing around the house (if you don’t lay down the law) and maybe on the receiving end of one or two. But if you know children of high spirits, then these blasters will be a huge success. Just encourage them to take them to the park - not in the house.

Argos product description: Unleash one dart at a time from this easy-to-use pump-action blaster that includes 10 Nerf Elite foam darts, giving you five darts to load into the blaster and five more darts for reloads.

You can store the extra darts in the blaster’s onboard dart storage to keep them nearby for quick reloading. The Ranger PD-5 blaster is easy to use so you can jump into action fast.

Pokemon TCG: Tin

Suitable for: children aged 6 years and older

Pokemon is unstoppable - a series that has scarcely waned in popularity since it launched in the mid nineties. Your child will have serious cool credibility with these trading cards - and you’ll get the praise.

Argos product description: This Pokemon card tin is a great way to start the legends collection. Fans of the series will get hours of entertainment from the set and it even includes a code to unlock the same content within the Pokemon online trading card game.

Sink N’ Sand Game

Suitable for: children aged 3 years and older

Ideal for sensory play for children - great for motor skill development - but far more crucially, this is mess-free - a godsend for parents.

Argos product description: This game requires you to try and save Sink ‘n Sally, Sunk ‘n Duncan, Slip ‘n Sam & Fall n’ Fran from falling into the quicksand as you compete against others to keep your character standing strong. It includes the iconic magic sand which you can pull, shape and mold to create incredible sand art.

Jiggly Pets Giraffe

Suitable for: children aged 4 and above

Word of warning: this is a ‘noisy’ toy, but we have never seen our niece laugh as hard as she did when watching this Giraffe groove and dance.

Argos product description: Gigi the Giraffe is an all singing, all dancing toy bringing all the sensory fun. Press Gigi’s foot and watch her dance and shake her booty to the three inbuilt tunes.

Gigi has soft, stretchy yellow hair and comes wearing a pair of party sunglasses.

Barbie Cutie Reveal Snowflake Sparkle Husky

Suitable for: kids aged 3 and over.

Look, it’s a Barbie. Love or loathe the brand, they’re enduringly popular with young children. Do we understand a Barbie dressed as a husky? No. Will your Barbie-loving child? Undoutedly.

Argos product description: This doll offers the cutest unboxing experience with 10 surprises, including a posable Barbie doll. Unbox the package to find a soft, plush husky puppy with tinsel fur and four surprise bags.

Remove the husky costume to find a Barbie doll with long, icy blue hair and twinkle-shine details. Open the surprise bags to find a cute skirt, headband, sponge-comb and mini pet husky puppy.

Fisher-Price DJ Bouncin’ Beats Musical Toy

Suitable for: babies aged 9 months and over

Keeping a baby occupied can be a tough proposition - Fisher-Price are masters at creating stimulating distractions for tots. This musical toy is no exception. We are, however, back in ‘noisy toy’ territory - though that’s often a given for babies.

Argos product description: Play time’s a real party with the DJ Bouncin’ Beats musical learning toy from Fisher-Price.

When little ones press the buttons, this interactive dance partner bounces to life with colourful lights, motorised spring action, and 75+ songs, sounds, and phrases that teach the alphabet, counting, colours, and more.

Hot Wheels Action Spiral Speed Crash Track Set

Suitable for: children aged 5 years and over

Another decades old toy brand institution. A Hot Wheels track is sure-fire hours of entertainment for a child - and the fact that these cars crash makes it all the more thrillingly illicit for kiddies.

Argos product description: The Hot Wheels Action Spiral Speed Crash Track Set comprises of 29” tall track, three crash zones and a motorized booster that keeps the car moving. Drive the included Hot Wheels vehicle up to the booster and watch it continuously whip down the spiral.

Bluey S7 School Playset and Adventure Bus Bundle

Suitable for: children aged 3 and above

If you have a Disney+ subscription and a toddler, odds are high the entire household is in love with Bluey (for our money, the current children’s programme with the most heart). This toy set is great for creative play for Bluey fans.

Gabby’s Purrfect Dollhouse

Suitable for: children aged 36 months and older

An interactive dollhouse is a thing of guaranteed delight for little ones. One that’s cat themed? Perfection

Argos product description: Play inside your own dollhouse world with DreamWorks’ Gabby’s Purrfect Dollhouse. Standing at over 61cm tall, this dollhouse is packed full of exciting features to discover, including a Dollhouse delivery tower, working Cat-A-Vator, sounds and more. It also includes a Gabby Girl collectible figure, Pandy Paws figure, furniture for each room and three accessories.

LEGO Harry Potter Ministry of Magic Modular Set

Suitable for: children aged 9 and over

We don’t need to sell the concept of Harry Potter to you. Everyone knows how beloved it is by kids. This is ideal for a Potterphile - especially if they enjoy LEGO.

Argos product description: This is the first ever LEGO Harry Potter set to feature the iconic Ministry of Magic and captures famous scenes, iconic characters, and authentic details.

It comes complete with 12 mini-figures and you have the chance to transform the way the friends look with Polyjuice potion with 3 mini-figures that transform with a turn of the head and a new hair piece.

LEGO Icons Optimus Prime Transformers Robot Model Set

Suitable for: ages 18 and over

More for adult kids than little ones, this is perfect for anyone with a nostalgic affection for the Transformers.

Argos product description: This intricate and detailed model, based on the legendary Transformers Autobot, converts from robot to truck and back. It gives you the chance to relive the Transformers saga with accessories including the ion blaster, Autobot Matric of Leadership, an Energon axe, Energon cube and jetpack.

LEGO Technic McLaren Formula 1 Race Car Model Set

Suitable for: aged 18 and above

You want to keep a car lovin’, adult LEGO user occupied over the Christmas break? This will be their vehicular heaven.

Argos production description: This detailed replica of McLaren’s 2022 F1 car has been created in close partnership with the McLaren racing team who develop their version of the car at the same time for the 2022 race season. The intricate model includes a replica V6 cylinder engine, moving pistons, steering, suspension and even sponsor stickers like those seen on a real F1 race car.

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