This Argos high chair has been urgently recalled over injury fears

A high chair on sale at Argos has been recalled over fears that it poses a safety risk to children.

Testing has found that the Cuggl Mushroom high chair - which was on sale exclusively at Argos - could topple over if a child leans to the side while they are using it, causing injury.

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The product recall notice tells customers who own one of the products to stop using it immediately.

You can identify the chair using its Argos catalogue number, which is 7094143. No other high chair on sale at Argos is affected by these issues, so any other model is safe to use.

Full refund

The faulty chairs can be returned to any Argos store for a full refund.

The Cuggl Mushroom is no longer available to buy from Argos stores, however consumer group Which? reported that some third-party retailers like Amazon and eBay still have them listed for sale.

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Both eBay and Amazon have since said that they have had these listings taken down as it is against their rules to sell recalled products on their platforms.

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Argos said that it's "highest priority" was the safety of its customers when using their products.

"Please be assured that no other highchair is affected by this issue. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this issue,” the store added.

If you have any questions or concerns, Argos said you can call them free on 0800 0113462 in the UK and 1800946744 in the Republic of Ireland.