The UK's top 20 telly spoilers

Spoiler alert: if you've not watched your Game of Thrones box set yet, or are wondering if Den and Angie are going to have a Merry Christmas, best stop reading now.

A new poll has revealed the top 20 biggest "spoiler risk" TV moments of all time.

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If you have a fear of chatter from colleagues or social media discussion ruining your favourite show, you're not alone - a quarter (26 per cent) of Brits avoid news websites entirely, in case an errant headline tells them more than they wanted to know.

And half of the nation’s telly fans have had a top show ‘spoiled’ – by a friend, colleague, relative or social media accidentally revealing the ending, a study found.

The Virgin Media study found that (drum roll, look away now) the revelation that Jon Snow is alive in Game of Thrones was the biggest “spoiler risk” TV moment of all time.

It's clear that some TV fans have long memories (or really hold onto grudges), as Eastenders took second place with the 2001 storyline where Kat Slater revealed she is Zoe Slater's mother.

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Watts on telly

The BBC's Cockney soap clearly makes for an avid audience, as three more scenes from Walford are in the top 20 - including the second-oldest plotline, where Den Watts files for divorce from wife Angie on Christmas Day, 1986.

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Only 1980's "Who Shot JR?" theme from Dallas, which - remarkably for its time, made the Nine O'Clock News - is older.

But it seems to be more recent stories which resonated with those polled - Sophie Faldo winning Great British Bake Off, Alan Sugar hiring BOTH finalists in The Apprentice, and the revelation of the 13th Doctor Who, all within very recent memory.

Also notable is the prevalence of more than half of the list involving sudden and violent death - perhaps unsurprising given that Game of Thrones and Eastenders making up much of the chart - as well as The Simpsons' Who Shot Mr Burns episode?

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If you have successfully managed to avoid spoilers for your telly favourites, it may be that you are in the one third of the adult population who would rather go a whole day without their mobile phone than have their favourite TV show spoiled - or one of the whopping 1.3m who have pulled a “spoiler sickie”.


1. Sky Atlantic Game of Thrones (2016) - Jon Snow IS alive2. BBC ONE EastEnders (2001) - Kat Slater reveals she's Zoe Slater's mother3. Sky Atlantic Game of Thrones (2011) - Ned Stark's beheading4. ITV1 Broadchurch (2013) - The killer is revealed5. Channel 4 Great British Bake-Off (2017) - Sophie Faldo winning Great British Bake Off6. Netflix Breaking Bad (2008) - Walter White's Death7. Sky Atlantic Game of Thrones (2013) - The Red Wedding8. CBS Dallas (1980) - Kristin Shepard kills J.R. Ewing9. BBC ONE EastEnders (2016) - Bobby killed Lucy Beale10. ITV1 Coronation Street (2017) - Phelan holding Andy captive11. ITV1 Downton Abbey (2012) - Matthew dies12. Sky ONE Lost (2010) - The survivors are all in purgatory13. BBC ONE EastEnders (2001) - Lisa Fowler shoots Phil Mitchell14. ITV1 Coronation Street (2017) - Andy is alive15. ITV1 Coronation Street (2017) - Phelan revenge kills Andy16. Channel 4 The Simpsons (1995) - Who Shot Mr Burns?17. FX The Walking Dead (2016) - Negan kills Glenn18. BBC ONE Doctor Who (2017) - The Thirteenth Doctor Revealed19. BBC ONE EastEnders (1986) - Den files for divorce from Angie20. BBC ONE The Apprentice (2017) - Alan Sugar hires BOTH finalists

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