River Island is recalling clothes that could contain poisonous levels of lead - here’s what you need to know

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River Island is recalling a range of women’s clothes which have been made with harmful chemicals and could pose a danger to shoppers.

The fashion retailer has pulled the range over fears the chemicals could poison wearers and make them ill.

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‘Serious’ health risk

River Island has issued a warning over a tassel playsuit, a sequin embellished cami top and a diamante hoodie, over fears the clothing items have been made with lead.

Exposure to high levels of lead can cause anaemia and, if the levels are high enough, cause serious harm to your kidneys or even lead to brain damage.

Short term health effects of lead poisoning can include constipation, tiredness, headaches and a loss of appetite.

The affected product codes are:

Product No. 714210 - River Island premium embellished tassel playsuit. Sold from February 2018.Product No. 720271 - River Island sequin embellished cami top. Sold from June 2018.Product No. 725642 - River Island longline diamante studded hoody in cream. Sold from October 2018.

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River Island has pulled the range over fears the chemicals could poison wearers and make them ill (Photo: River Island)

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In a recall notice, the store said, “It has come to our attention that the components on each product identified above contain lead in excess of legal safety levels and present a serious risk to the health of anyone wearing or handling the products.

“Affected products can be identified by the product identification numbers printed on the garments wash care label.”

In a separate notice, the retailer has also recalled a check pattern dress and blouse because the pearl brooch on the collar contains cadmium in legal excess of safety levels, which can affect your kidneys, lungs and bones.

The affected product codes are:

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Product No. 723969 - River Island check pattern dress with faux pearl button. Sold from July 2018.Product No. 723975 - River Island check pattern sleeveless blouse with faux pearl button. Sold from July 2018.

Shoppers are advised to stop wearing the items immediately and to return them to their nearest store (Photo: River Island)

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Advice to shoppers

The affected clothing items were all sold through the retailer’s high street and online outlets.

River Island has warned shoppers who have purchased any of the items to stop wearing them immediately and to return the product back to their nearest store, or by post, in exchange for a full refund, inclusive of postage.

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The returns address is: Freepost, RI Customer Service Parcels.

Alternatively, shoppers can contact the customer service team on 03445766444 for more information on how to post the items back.

The store said, “We thank you for your co-operation and apologise for any inconvenience.”

This article originally appeared on our sister site, Edinburgh Evening News.