Poll: Would you limit yourself to one flight per year to fight climate change?

If Brits are serious about fighting climate change, they should limit themselves to one flight per year, says the co-leader of the UK Green Party.

In an interview on Sky’s Sophy Ridge on Sunday programme, Sian Berry of the Green Party said that she would welcome a tax on frequent flyers which would see ticket prices surge for travellers boarding more than one flight in a year.

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Aviation is currently estimated to contribute between four to nine per cent of the total human impact on climate change.

Ms Berry, who claimed she has not boarded a flight since 2005, said that the UK would have to "completely transform the way we do things" to tackle harmful global warming.

She also believes that the recent gains made by the Green Party at the local elections - a 270 per cent increase in council seats - is a promising sign that public concern about climate change is high.

She still thinks, however, that bolder action in the fight against global warming is necessary.

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As well as advocating for this one-flight-per-year policy, the Green Party strongly opposes airport expansions, including Heathrow's third runway.

Would you be willing to limit yourself to one flight per year to fight climate change?

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