Find staycations perfect for families that include dogs

It’s great to get away on holiday and take pets along too, but finding the combination of the right place to stay, with plenty of scenic walks and places to visit can prove tricky.

Help is at hand with The Guide to a Very British Staycation. This comprehensive guide to facilities for holidaymakers that are offered in towns and cities across the UK, looks at destinations with the most pet-friendly places to stay.

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Hastings comes out as leader of the pack with a wide choice of suitable accommodation along with many great National Trust sites to explore within easy driving distance.

Others topping the table include Cheltenham, Newquay, Penzance, Torquay, Ambleside, Nairn, Plymouth, Aberystwyth and Gloucester.

Cheltenham, Hastings and Ambleside score most for pet-friendly accommodation per 1000 visitors, with 11.5 for Cheltenham and 11.1 for both others. Nairn was close behind with 9.4 options per 1000 visitors.

There are many different websites to peruse for dog owners with specific needs, but some general considerations for those holidaying with pets in tow include the following;

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Always plan in advance. Advice from top animal charity the RSPCA is; Check where you’re staying has everything your pet needs, including an emergency contact for a vet and ‘out of hours’ service.

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Check with your vet if necessary, that your pet is healthy and safe to travel. If they need medication then make sure to take this with you. Ensure that all vaccinations, flea and worm treatments are up-to-date.

As well as being microchipped, your pet should wear a collar with an identity tag that has your name, holiday address and contact details, so if the worst did happen and they run off or get lost you can be reunited with them as quickly as possible.

Keep the weather in mind, always, as dogs need to be protected from getting heat stroke. A dog left in a hot car can soon become susceptible to heat stroke.

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Ask about the policy of the place where you’re staying. Be sure of exactly what the facilities offer for pets, so that you know what items you may or may not need to take.

Check out all the local dog-friendly activities and places like pubs or cafes.

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Take a comforting or familiar smelling object for your pet, such as a blanket or a favourite toy, and treats.

Try to keep to their regular routine as much as possible while you are away, in terms of their walk times, eating and sleeping times.

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it’s also advisable to keep them on the same diet as at home as a sudden change can cause an upset stomach.

Give your dog the time they need to explore their new surroundings and don’t leave them on their own for a time, as that might cause distress.

Walk your dog on a lead unless you’re sure it’s safe to let them off when away from roads and other potential hazards.

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If walking in the dark or in diminished light, have an LED collar or light attached so that other people are aware of your dog.

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Don’t ever leave your dog where they could come to harm, such as tied up outside a shop on their own, or somewhere that they can’t escape from the heat.

Hopefully, a break away with your pet will be a totally rewarding experience, that removes all the stress of having to much loved pet behind with carers.

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