Zombies take over Glossop Cemetery

The BBC has received criticism over the weekend for disrupting mourners by filming zombie series In the Flesh in Glossop Cemetery.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 13th February 2014, 8:00 am
Glossop Cemetary
Glossop Cemetary

A spokesman from the BBC said they had received one formal complaint and that filming took place over three days and had now finished.

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He said: “Filming has taken place with full consent of the local council who manage the cemetery. We do however recognise the sensitivity of filming in such a location and liaised fully with the local authority to keep disruption to a minimum. Where ever possible we try and be as authentic as possible in our filming locations and do our utmost to respect the environment and community we are working with.”

A spokesman from High Peak Borough Council, who own the graveyard, said: “We received 11 complaints relating to the use of the cemetery for filming, access to the cemetery and the parking of a vehicle in the cemetery extension.

“The filming itself was confined to a small unconsecrated part of one of the least visited areas of the cemetery where the graves are mainly from 1890 to 1930. No burials were disturbed and the filming of headstones where names may be visible was not allowed. The council has been paid £3,000 for the use of the cemetery and this money will be used to fund improvements to footpaths in the cemetery.”