LETTER: Nestle site - Surgeries will all be under one roof

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At last, a sensible solution to the old Nestle site, and hopefully the transition from an empty space to a full functioning hospital will not take as long as The Crescent project took.

The decision to convert the old site into a hospital and to put all the Buxton surgeries under one roof is excellent news for all the people of Buxton plus the surrounding area, it is also long overdue.

However much we love our two hospital sites, they have for some years begun to look like behind the times and a little dated, that is in no way disrespecting the hard working staff of The Cavendish or The Cottage.

My own opinion is that Andrew Bingham should be applauded for setting the ball in motion back in 2014, well done Andrew.

So let’s hope the plans put forward are practical and that:

1. There is adequate parking spaces for all.

2. That a footbridge over the A6 relief road is also part of the plan.

3. That any new road layout is carefully thought out (unlike the Buxton market place) with a minimal effect on an already busy road.

Paul Timmins


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