LETTER: Disturbed by plans of closure at Serpentine farm

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I understand that there is the possibility that the High Peak Borough Council may wish to reclaim, for another use, the portion of land currently occupied by the Serpentine Community Farm.

I am disturbed and dismayed that there is any suggestion or plan by the High Peak Borough Council that might see the Serpentine Community Farm being forced to cease its activities on this site.

The Serpentine Community Farm is a successful, vibrant and well-established community project which brings benefit to the town.

I have spent many hours as an unpaid volunteer helping to develop this inspiring project, as well as contributing, not insubstantially, financially.

I would be seriously dismayed, or even angered, if the Serpentine Community Farm had to close down.

I understand that no suitable alternative site is available in the town.

I urge your readers, if they have not already done so, to take time to visit the Serpentine Community Farm to see first-hand the amount of work that has been undertaken to transform, in only a few years, the derelict site it once was.

I hope the High Peak Borough Council will see the wisdom of allowing the Serpentine Community Farm to continue its existence, unthreatened by possible future developments, on this site.

Ben Evens

Darwin Avenue,