Where would you cut council funds?

Derbyshire County Council has reminded residents that with less than 12 hours to go, there's still time to have your say on where council cuts should go.

By Nick Charity
Friday, 4th December 2015, 1:03 pm
Youchoose survey asks Derbyshire where it would make necessary cuts to County Council spending.
Youchoose survey asks Derbyshire where it would make necessary cuts to County Council spending.

The authority, responsible for adult social care, education, highways and other public services, opened an elaborate online consultation survey, asking members of hte public how they would distribute cuts to each department.

The 'youchoose' system offers users the ability to distribute the £45 million worth of savings it needs to make to it's annual budget, and as you make the cuts of your choice, shows how each service will be affected.

The balancing act also serves as an illustrative tool, as cuts have to be made to each service to bring the council in line with its maximum tax rise of 2 per cent per year.

For example, cuts to children's services will mean Fewer foster children placed in care or with extended family and a higher risk to children in unsafe homes, and for adult social care, maximum cuts could mean 210,000 less carer hours in care homes, and 350 fewer places in care homes.

The council said: "Between 2013 and 2018 we need to cut a third of our budget due to reductions in Government grants, inflation and greater demands on areas of the budget for older and disabled people and vulnerable children.

"We know that whatever change we make someone, somewhere will be unhappy about it but our aim is to be as fair as possible.

"We are doing everything we can to cut management costs, sell off land and buildings, bring extra income in and scrutinise every penny we spend.

"But if we didn't make any budget reductions council tax would need to rise by 17%. Any increase above 2% could only be with the agreement of the people of Derbyshire in a referendum."

Cabinet Members will consider public responses to budget cuts when they consider where cuts shouldhit hardest, also taking into account legal obligation and contractual reasons for providing partiular services.

To take part int he consultation before midnight, clight here.