What time will the referendum result be declared where you live?

What time will the result be known in your area?What time will the result be known in your area?
What time will the result be known in your area?
Trying to figure out if you can stay up and wait for the votes to be counted? These are the expected declaration times of the various counts in the East Midlands.

Sporting Index, the leading political spread betting company, predicts that Sunderland will be the first to declare, as it has been in recent general elections. But other counts, in London’s City and Wandsworth and Foyle in Northern Ireland, also expect early declarations.

Elsewhere, things are expected to drag on until 7am. And unlike a general election, the picture won’t become clear until deep into the night because all the votes are feeding into one big pool.

Will you make it until your area’s result is known?

High Peak: 2.30am

Lincoln: 2.30am

Wellington: 3am

Oadby: 3am

Boston: 3am

Charnwood: 3am

Chesterfield: 3am

North West Leicestershire: 3am

Erewash: 3.30am

Gedling: 3.30am

Melton: 3.30am

Newark and Sherwood: 3.30am

South Derbyshire: 3.30am

Corby: 3.30am – 4am

North East Derbyshire: 4.30am

Ashfield: 4am – 5am

Bassetlaw: 4am – 5am

Derbyshire Dales: 4am – 7am

Daventry: 4am

Mansfield: 4am

Rushcliffe: 4am

Broxtowe: 4.30am

Bolsover: 5am

Amber Valley: 5am

Blaby: 5am

Derby: 5am

Kettering: 5am

North Kesteven: 5am

South Holland: 5am

West Lindsey: 5am

Nottingham East: 6am – 7am

East Lindsey: 6am

East Northamptonshire: 6am

Hinckley and Bosworth: 6am

Northampton: 6am

Rutland: 6am

South Kesteven: 6am

South Northamptonshire: 6am

Leicester: 6.30am

Harbrough: 7am