WEATHER: Cold day with some sunshine

The Met Office has forecast a much colder day than yesterday, on Monday, November 16.

Expect a breezy and cold, yet bright day with some sunshine.

Feeling colder with sunshine and isolated showers. Further rain overnight.

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A few showers may arrive, but many places will remain dry and become cloudy after sunset with a maximum temperature of 10 degrees centigrade.

Tonight, outbreaks of rain will quickly arrive, turning heavy at times, and largely clearing by the end of the night. Minimum Temperature seven degrees centigrade and the moving into another wet and cloudy day tomorrow.

Flood alerts around the river Wye in Bakewell and Ashford have been lifted.

The environment agency said: "Flooding of low-lying agricultural land is receding. Ashford and Bakewell should now be clear of water although some standing water may remain. The current level at the Ashford river gauge is 0.6 metres. River levels are falling."