Video: Family recovering after aerosol can explodes and blows kitchen windows out at a Sutton home

A Sutton couple and their two dogs were lucky to escape injury after an aerosol can left next to a candle exploded and blew their kitchen windows away.

Tony and Christine Denby and Staffys Lexi and Zola were recovering after the freak accident at their terrace home last night, which blew the doubled glazed windows out with the frames and set fire to the curtains.

Firefighters have issued a warning for people to avoid leaving any aerosol cans near heat sources after the blast on Oak Tree Road.

Tony Denby, 56 said: “I went to get my tea, came back in the front room and I had only had two spoon fulls when heard an almighty bang.

“We thought someone had put a brick through the window at first

“The explosion blew the entire windows out and the kitchen was on fire

“The dogs were in the kitchen and they just shot in here.

“The firemen said it was a wonder they had any hair left.”

The blast was so powerful it threw pots and pans out in to the garden and a shockwave through the house, moving skirting boards from the wall.

Christine, 54 said Christmas Dinner was off the menu in the Denby household this year as she was left to count the cost of the blast.

“Everything has been ruined - I will need a new kitchen after this,” she said.

“Who would have thought something as small as a deodorant spray could go up with such a bang.

“I only left it on the work surface next to a scented candle. I suppose we were lucky not to have been hurt.

“The poor dogs were shocked by what happened and I think they are still affected by it.”

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Fire Services, said: “Most aerosols are highly flammable and we would urge people not to keep them in places where the temperature exceeds 50 degrees C.

“This incident shows how powerful these explosions can be and the family was lucky to have escaped unhurt.”

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