Troubled woman smashed two windows and spat at a doctor

A troubled young woman who smashed two windows and spat at a doctor has narrowly been spared from a jail term.

Chesterfield Royal Hospital.
Chesterfield Royal Hospital.

Sadie Webster, 20, of Duke Street, Staveley, smashed the windows at a property at Thorntree Court, in Chesterfield, and following her arrest she spat at a doctor at Chesterfield Royal Hospital where she had been taken for treatment by police.

Prosecuting solicitor Lynn Bickley told a Chesterfield magistrates’ court hearing on January 31: “The circumstances are that police received a call in respect of a report that the defendant had smashed a window but by the time police arrived she had left.

“The police also left but the defendant returned and broke another window at the address in the living room.

“Police attended again and Webster was still outside acting in an aggressive manner and she had to be handcuffed and leg restraints had to be used.”

Webster suffered cuts to her hands during the incident so she was taken to Chesterfield Royal Hospital, according to Mrs Bickley.

The doctor stated Webster had nasty lacerations to her hands and was being abusive and as the doctor examined the defendant’s eyes to see if she was intoxicated Webster spat at her.

Webster later told police she had been drinking and this had wiped her memory about what had happened but when she was told about the spitting she accepted this must have been disgusting and she wanted to apologise.

The defendant pleaded guilty to two counts of causing damage from January 3 and January 4 and admitted one count of assault for spitting on January 4.

Defence solicitor Steve Brint said Webster has had a troubled up-bringing and she has been referred to a mental health team and she has been homeless at times in between staying with a grandparent.

Mr Brint added that when Webster stops taking medication she has taken psycho-active substances.

He added that her partner had visited someone at Thorntree Court and she had gone looking for him and when she was arrested on January 4 she had consumed a bottle of gin and she had taken “substances”.

Mr Brint said: “She demanded that her partner came out and he was not there but she did not believe it and this led to her actions and she was in a zombie-state.”

Magistrates sentenced Webster to eight weeks of custody suspended for 12 months but warned that if she commits a further offence in the next year her suspended sentence could be activated and she could go to prison.

Webster was ordered to complete 90 hours of unpaid work and she must pay £75 compensation, £85 costs and a £115 victim surcharge.