Top marks for Peak’smental health services

High Peak patients with mental health problems are getting some of the best treatment in England, according to the latest figures from the Department of Health.

North Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is in the top 30 of more than 300 groups nationwide for the percentage of patients recovering from common mental health problems such as anxiety and depression, and having access to talking therapies.

The target for 2014/15 is that at least 50 per cent of people receiving help recover and the CCG recorded recovery rates of over 52 per cent.

It also beat the national average of 11 per cent for patients accessing face-to-face care sessions called talking therapy, scoring 15 per cent.

Dr Steve Lloyd said: “Increased investment in mental health services is a top priority for Derbyshire as one in four of us will experience mental health problems at some point in our lives.

“It is good that there are more talking therapy services available but we can all improve our mental health and wellbeing by taking more exercise, getting more sleep, drinking less alcohol and making more time to talk to friends.”