Thug gets custody for assaulting partner

A thug who pushed his girlfriend into a wardrobe while she was trying to persuade him not to go out because he was subject to a curfew has been sentenced to three weeks of custody.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 13th July 2016, 3:52 pm
Updated Wednesday, 13th July 2016, 4:57 pm
Pictured is Jordan Power, 24, of Fairfield Road, Buxton, who was jailed for three weeks for an assault.
Pictured is Jordan Power, 24, of Fairfield Road, Buxton, who was jailed for three weeks for an assault.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on Tuesday, July 12, how Jordan William Power, 24, of Fairfield Road, Buxton, had been spotted rowing with his girlfriend before he was seen pushing her with both hands.

Prosecuting solicitor Becky Allsop told the court: “The victim is the girlfriend of Power but she has not co-operated with police and would not provide a statement. However, there was a witness living in the same accommodation in separate flats.

“Power was at his flat with friends and they were drinking and he was subject to an electronic curfew. He had raised his voice towards friends and at about 10.15pm Power and his girlfriend had come upstairs and were arguing and she heard another occupant come out and heard bottles smashing in Power’s room.

“Power’s door was open and she could see glass on the floor and she saw Power push his girlfriend with both hands into a wardrobe in the bedroom and the matter was reported to police.”

Power told police he had been drinking with his partner during the day and he had to be home and inside by 9pm and there had been an argument. The defendant pleaded guilty to the assault, which happened on June 5.

Defence solicitor Annis Rowlands said: “They are an established couple who have been together for a long time and there has never been any call-outs concerning them previously.

“He had been wearing an electronic tag and there was an argument about him wanting to go out after 9pm and her wanting to stop him.”

The court heard how Power has previous convictions including threatening behaviour, and he is currently serving a 12-week custodial sentence for a racially aggravated Public Order Act offence.

Magistrates sentenced Power to three weeks of custody for the assault to run concurrently with his other prison term. Power was also ordered to pay a £115 victim surcharge.