THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: How do we break the cycle of violence?

I must admit to feeling very worried about the future of this planet.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 25th January 2015, 6:53 am

Not just the way in which we continue to abuse our natural resources but more scarily the way in which we have less respect for ourselves and for others who share this hunk of rock orbiting the sun.

People beings like to belong to groups and we give ourselves names to help distinguish us from other groups, names we take from the place of our birth like English or British, or names we take from our religion like Christian, Muslim and Jew.

We also ascribe ourselves other titles such as patriotic and democratic.

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Whenever one group of people believe that their philosophy, politics or religion is more important than somebody else’s, there will be conflict.

As recent events in France and elsewhere around the globe have shown, some are willing to kill in the name of their belief and to promote their name.

How do we escape this cycle of violence?

Is it actually possible?

The politicians tell us they will do all they can to protect our way of life but they cannot offer total security.

The hard truth is that we might never see a time of peace on this planet, the spread of fundamentalism in all its guises, makes it more likely that we will experience very challenging days in the not too distant future.

It seems very appealing to pull up the drawbridge and shut out the rest of the world…the only trouble is that an idea does not need a drawbridge.

I wish I had an answer but all I can come up with is one more name, but it’s a name that unites us all: human.

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