THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: Being gay isn’t a choice, being homophobic is...

As I write these words, the rain is falling steadily as it has been doing all morning.

There will come a point when the rain will stop and the sunshine will hopefully burst through and of course there is always a chance that a rainbow will appear in the sky.

According to the Bible, a rainbow is a sign sent by God to remind him that he should never again send a flood to destroy the earth.

Science tells us that a rainbow is created by refracted light which might not seem as magical, but the results are just as beautiful.

I have been counting rainbows lately, but they are not set in the sky by god nor science, these rainbows are fluttering atop flagpoles adorning civic buildings in and around the county.

As reported earlier in the month, these rainbow flags are flying to highlight Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender issues and to raise awareness about the violence, discrimination, and repression affecting LGBT communities worldwide.

I find myself very lucky in being able to claim many gay friends and I have therefore seen first hand the intolerance and bigotry of small minded individuals as they abuse people just for being themselves.

Well, in the same way that a devout Christian or Muslim would claim that an attack on their faith is an attack on their human rights, so we must accept that an attack on someone who is part of the LGBT community is also an attack on their rights…a right to be human.

Let the rainbow flags remind us that a flood of intolerance should not be permitted.

Let us remember that being gay is not a choice; being homophobic is.


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