THAT FRIDAY FEELING: Holy smoke! Vaping declared safe(ish)

Scientists in vaping-safer-than-smoking shocker!

Well that’s another one in the eye for the tobacco companies.

Public Health England released a report this week that has finally rubber-stamped what we all knew anyway, that ecigarettes are a lot safer than smoking. About 95 per cent safer if you want to put a figure on it.

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They even suggested it could be used as a licensed medicine to stop smoking.

Ouch. There must have sparked some serious board meetings at tobacco firms around Britain this week.

These cancer-endorsing conglomerates have been getting fat at the expense of other people’s health for years, but were simply too slow to judge the meteoric rise of ecigarettes.

Their monopoly has been guaranteed for decades, preying on those too weak-willed to kick the habit.

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Being a vaper with a healthy interest in conspiracies, I can’t help but think a growing campaign over the safety of ecigs in recent months has had the backing of the major tobacco companies.

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The biggest danger was that ecig USB charging devices could blow up at any second and burn the world down.

Some said they should also be banned because the fruity-flavour nicotine juices are certain to attract young children.

What desperate attempts they were.

But while vapers can sit with a smug ‘told-ya-so’ look on our face, the latest health report must have the Government worried as well.

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Smoking tax is one of the country’s biggest money-spinners, worth billions each year.

It’s a unique tax at that - it’s a levy most of us agree on to force smokers to quit their ‘filthy habit’.

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So with many turning to healthier and much-cheaper ecigs, where’s the shortfall going to come from?

It’s true that regulations need to be tightened up on ecigarettes manufacturing, some nicotine juices are still made in dodgy warehouses and backstreet labs, free from any discernible law.

So it’s a case of when (not if) the Government does finally step in, how likely is it that the prices will be regulated as well? Very, I’d say.