Syria single remembers tragic son

A teacher from New Mills has released a charity single to raise money for Syria Relief's Aleppo appeal - which aims to provide food and medicine for those trapped in the war-torn city.

Danny Daniels, 58, was inspired to write Love All The People by the memory of late stand-up comedian Bill Hicks.

He said: “I am a big fan of his wit, but most of all his humanism. This year has been a difficult one for myself on a personal level but also in terms of world events and what is unfolding in Syria.

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“I felt there was a lot of hate going around - we have had arguments with family over Brexit.

“The song’s title is a bit of an old hippy adage and perhaps a bit naive but I just thought maybe we should all make a bigger effort to remember we are all just people and try to get along.”

Danny’s son, aged just 29, tragically died this year and he wanted the single to mark his life. All proceeds will go to Syria Relief.

You can buy a copy of the single via iTunes by visiting

To see the single’s music video visit

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