Swan injured by fishing hook and line

Dan Sidley with a swan at Straws BridgeDan Sidley with a swan at Straws Bridge
Dan Sidley with a swan at Straws Bridge
A wildlife rescue charity is appealing to anglers to exercise caution when fishing near wildlife after a swan was left injured.

Volunteers from Yorkshire Swan Rescue were contacted by distressed members of the public on Monday, June 20 to assist a male swan injured by a fishing hook and line at Straws Bridge park near Ilkeston.

Dan Sidley, founder of the wildlife charity who attended the park on Monday and successfully rescued the bird, said: “When the swan was reported to us, we understand the hook had been there for some weeks.

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“Fortunately the bird was easily caught with the persuasion of some bread, but this should not have happened at all; fishing at this lake is banned.

“Without immediate help, this bird could have died from a prolonged infection or worse, which would have been terrible given how preventable this kind of injury is.”

The fishing hook and line has now been successfully removed and the swan released back to his awaiting mate after treatment. Volunteers expect the animal to make a full recovery.

Mr Sidley has now called for anglers to be more careful when casting their lines around swans.

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“This is a particularly important time of year for birds, as many are nesting and have youngsters to defend and care for. Swans are no exception,” he said.

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“It is therefore vital that anglers take extra care to prevent accidents such as what happened to this swan on Monday. Lifting fishing lines and tackle from the water when birds are swimming by is essential, as is ensuring all litter is removed after a days fishing. These are just two easy steps to take to help stop these kind of injuries from happening again elsewhere in the area”.

Yorkshire Swan Rescue receives around 4,000 calls per year for injured swans and wildlife, and can be contacted on 07763424892 or via www.ysrh.org.uk

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