Report finds Derbyshire policing is good despite cuts

Derbyshire PoliceDerbyshire Police
Derbyshire Police
A countrywide assessment has found that the county’s police force is performing well – despite having a lower proportion of staff than the national average.

The first ever PEEL Report, published by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC), found Derbyshire Constabulary was performing well in three key areas – cuts to crime and anti–social behaviour (effectiveness), value for money (efficiency) and providing a fair service (legitimacy).

This is despite the fact that the force, which has 1.03 million people living in 1,013 square miles, only has 2.9 staff members per 1,000 people – compared with a national average of 3.7 staff members.

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Since 2010, Derbyshire police have had an 18 per cent reduction in workforce compared to a 14 per cent reduction nationally and costs tax payers an average of 45 pence a day, as oppose to the national average of 55 pence per day.

HM Inspector of Constabulary for the Eastern Region, Zoë Billingham said:“I have been impressed with the approach that Derbyshire Constabulary takes to investigating offending to improve the quality of the outcome for victims.

“Neighbourhood policing remains at the heart of the force’s approach and there is good work taking place to tackle anti–social behaviour, and a strong commitment to identify and support the most vulnerable victims.

“There is a very strong focus on victim care, led by the Chief Constable, and this ethos of protecting the most vulnerable is evident at all levels throughout the organisation.”

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She continued: “I am impressed that the force’s approach to crime-recording is good, with a high degree of accuracy.

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“I have also been impressed with how the force is achieving the savings required and is planning for the future, while continuing to reduce crime and retain high levels of victim satisfaction.”

Derbyshire’s Chief Constable Mick Creedon welcomed the findings of the report.

He commented: “Policing is going through significant challenges. Crime is changing, the public rightly expect high standards, and the austerity measures mean that we continue to reduce the workforce and the number of police officers available.

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“Despite these challenges, we have a hugely committed workforce and I am really pleased with the HMIC’s findings. I believe that they accurately reflect all the hard work that has been done over many years to ensure that we have an efficient and effective force.

“While I recognise there are always ways we can improve, I am immensely proud that we continue to provide a good service to the Derbyshire public.”