Reader letter: Could whole site be demolished?

NEAALC100811B4 - Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry in KimberleyNEAALC100811B4 - Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry in Kimberley
NEAALC100811B4 - Broxtowe MP Anna Soubry in Kimberley
Most people will agree it is good news to see the Kimberley brewery site go forward in the light of Broxtowe Borough Council giving planning permission for Metis Developments to renovate and redevelop the site.

It is long overdue and we understand work will commence next summer.

However, we need to understand the full picture.

As well as planning permission for renovation to some of the historic buildings and permission to build new houses and apartments, planning was also granted to demolish one of the two listed buildings.

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On the face of it, it looks like there has been compromise but what this represents, in my view, is in fact a high stakes precedent.

I believe that, if taken to the extreme, it could in fact see the whole site demolished.

Yes, Broxtowe Borough Council has attached conditions to the development to prevent Metis from choice-picking the best, then moving on. But to grant permission for the demolition of a listed building is highly


Interesting to note that when planning was granted Councillor Richard Robinson spoke to the Advertiser stating the importance of the historic setting. Crocodile tears come to mind.

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He, along with the rest of the present Kimberley Town Council leadership, have done nothing, in my view, to secure Kimberley’s biggest asset.

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The statement from Kimberley Town Council to the borough council with regard to the future of the brewery site simply read: “Development should take priority over conservation”. Take that statement from the developer’s point of view and I believe it is giving a green light to demolish the lot!

-Darren Warner