Reader letter: Bins will be too small

Councillor Jim Creamer makes a valiant effort to defend Nottinghamshire County Council’s proposal to spend up to £6 million buying smaller general waste bins, but a turkey is still a turkey no matter how much you dress it up for Christmas.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 11th December 2014, 2:43 pm

Providing waste bins is the job of the district councils, not the county, and to say that Nottinghamshire’s plan has met with a seasonably frosty reception would be an understatement.

Bassetlaw’s (Labour) Council Leader derided the idea as “a joke”! Unless one of the local district councils takes leave of its senses, the county looks unlikely to find a partner to pilot the project.

This is the best possible outcome for taxpayers, who otherwise face an immediate bill of £900,000 in return for a (dubious) projected saving of £227,000 over two years.

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It stands to reason that if bin sizes are reduced then less waste can be collected from them, but this does not mean less waste is being produced. Rather, it means families will be forced to store rotting waste for several weeks or cram it into public bins instead, not to mention the risk of increased fly-tipping.The biggest irony of this “loony left” idea is the fact that Cllr Creamer has already presided over the closure of two household waste recycling centres, in Langar and Fiskerton. He then claims: ‘It is in the best interests of both the taxpayer and our environment for us all to recycle more of our waste.’

I suspect many residents around Nottinghamshire will conclude that the chairman of the environment & sustainability committee is talking rubbish, but not in a good way!

-Councillor Richard Butler

County Councillor for Cotgrave