Rail fare increases ‘regrettable’, Derbyshire MP behind the rise says

The latest round of rail fare rises is “regrettable”, Derbyshire Dales MP and Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin has said.

Regular rail users are being hit by a 2.5 per cent increase in season ticket prices and some off-peak and anytime fares from today.

The overall average rise in fares is 2.2 per cent, the lowest for five years.

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Mr McLoughlin said: “I accept 2.5 per cent is more than a passenger wants to pay. Any increase is to be regrettable.

“But it is the fact we’re investing record amounts in to the industry so we can get better train services and a better rail service for the UK.”

Martin Abrams, from the Campaign for Better Transport, said: “Yet again, the Government is hiking up commuter rail fares.

“Ticket prices are rising much faster than wages, which means getting to work takes

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up an increasing share of incomes, hitting both household budgets and the economy.

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“The Government urgently needs to adopt a fairer approach to ticketing, bringing fares down and introducing more flexible tickets to help groups like the millions who work part-time.”

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