Who's standing where I live? Full list of candidates in High Peak Borough Council elections

Local elections will take place across the country on Thursday May 2.
Local elections will take place across the country on Thursday May 2.

High Peak residents will go to the polls on Thursday May 2 to elect a new borough council.

All 43 seats on High Peak Borough Council are up for grabs, spread across the district’s 28 wards.

And a total of 133 candidates have been put forward for election as a borough councillor.

In what it states is the first for a political party in the borough’s history, the Conservatives have fielded a full set of 43 candidates for the 43 vacant council seats.

The Labour Party has put forward 37 candidates, followed by the Green Party with 26 and the Liberal Democrats with 22.

UKIP will contest just four seats, and there is one independent candidate.

The High Peak authority is currently controlled by a Conservative administration.

The council makeup before the election stands at: Conservatives, 23; Labour, 17; Liberal Democrats/Independent 3.

Here is the full list of candidates in each ward:

Barms Ward: Seb Brooke (Conservative), Daniel David Mayers (Green), Rachael Quinn (Labour).

Blackbrook Ward: Joshua James Bennett (Green), Eve Burton (Conservative), Graham Hewitt (Liberal Democrat), John Kappes (Conservative), Edith Claire Longden (Liberal Democrat), Penny Took (Labour).

Burbage Ward: Samantha Flower (Conservative), Anthony Gordon Glew (Labour), Ivor Paul Lewis (Green).

Buxton Central Ward: Alicia Georgina Hill (Conservative), Josh Kirkman (Conservative), Eileen Jane Reynolds (Green), Matt Stone (Labour), Jean Marion Todd (Labour).

Chapel East Ward: Jim Lambert (Labour), James Robert Patterson (Liberal Democrat), Jim Perkins (Conservative), Jeremy Peter Wight (Green).

Chapel West Ward: Paddy Bann (Independent), Adrian Michael Cowley (Labour), Jessica Hannah Cowley (Labour), David Mark John Rayworth (Liberal Democrat), Kath Sizeland (Conservative), Philip John Taylor (Green), Stewart Paul Young (Conservative).

Corbar Ward: Peter Colin Crook (Green), Madeline Alice Hall (Labour), Stan Heptinstall (Liberal Democrat), Tony Arthur Kemp (Conservative), Pam Reddy (Conservative), Adam Lawrence Scott (Liberal Democrat).

Cote Heath Ward: Linda Grooby (Conservative), Catharine Cecilia Grundy-Glew (Labour), Laszlo Gyongyosi (Conservative), Keith Edward Savage (Labour).

Dinting Ward: Ray Collins (Labour), Holly McBride (Green), Jean Wharmby (Conservative), Stephen David Worrall (Liberal Democrat).

Gamesley Ward: Matthew James Andrew Crompton (Conservative), Anthony Edward McKeown (Labour).

Hadfield North Ward: Lisa Hartington (Conservative), Ed Kelly (Labour), Robyn Louise Summers (Green).

Hadfield South Ward: Bev Haigh (Conservative), Peter James Lynas (Conservative), Bob McKeown (Labour), Keith Clifford Parry (Liberal Democrat), Jo Shaw (UKIP), Edward Siddall (Labour), Peter James Tomlin (Green).

Hayfield Ward: David Lawrence Burfoot (Liberal Democrat), Catherine Marion Hughes (Labour), Eva Lawson (Conservative), Susan Anne Shipley (Green).

Hope Valley Ward: Joanna Wiehe Collins (Green), Charlotte Nancy Farrell (Green), Charles Edward Lawley (Conservative), Jane Margaret Simm (Liberal Democrat), Fredrick John Walton (Conservative).

Howard Town Ward: Rachel Abbotts (Labour), Damien Greenhalgh (Labour), Robert Anton Hodgetts-Haley (Green), Peter James Kay (Conservative), Mark Andrew Smitham (Liberal Democrat), Dominic Charles Starkey (Conservative).

Limestone Peak Ward: Caitlin Janette Bisknell (Labour), Peter Nigel Roberts (Conservative), Daniel John Arabin Wimberley (Green).

New Mills East Ward: Pam Ashton (Conservative), Beth Atkins (Liberal Democrat), Alan Barrow (Labour), Ian Samuel Edward Huddlestone (Labour), Jim Muldoon (UKIP), Virginia Patricia Montagu Priestley (Conservative), Dee Sayce (Green).

New Mills West Ward: Ray Atkins (Liberal Democrat), Hazel May Body (Green), Anne Marie Clarke (Labour), Lance Dowson (Labour), William Edward Leonard Lockwood (Conservative), Edward William Sheils (Conservative), Chris Weaver (Liberal Democrat).

Old Glossop Ward: Paul Matthew Bohan (Green), Jamie Douglas (Conservative), Paul Francis Hardy (Conservative), Pat Irwin (Labour), Kallen McColl (Liberal Democrat), Sheila Yamin (Labour).

Padfield Ward: Ollie Cross (Labour), David Mark Hartington (Conservative), Rachel Jane Robinson (Green).

Sett Ward: Tony Ashton (Conservative), Aaron Patrick Jones (Labour), Michael John Shipley (Green).

Simmondley Ward: Alastair Murray Booth (Liberal Democrat), Ayshea Christina Garbutt (Liberal Democrat), Stewart Gardner (Labour), John Haken (Conservative), Julie Ann McCabe (Conservative), Melanie Denise O’Brien (Green), David Phillips (UKIP).

St John’s Ward: Christopher Michael Boyle (UKIP), Kasey Carver (Labour), George David Wharmby (Conservative).

Stone Bench Ward: Lynton Stephen Bennett (Liberal Democrat), Elizabeth Jane Hill (Conservative), David John Kerr (Labour), David Charles McDowell (Conservative), Guy Martin Rees (Green), Fiona Sloman (Labour).

Temple Ward: Ben Evens (Green), Tony Riddington (Labour), Emily Lilian Thrane (Conservative).

Tintwistle Ward: Rob Baker (Labour), Jill Crossland (Conservative), Luke Nicholas Robinson (Green).

Whaley Bridge Ward: Alison Freda Fox (Conservative), Andrew Gerald Wainwright Fox (Conservative), Lucas Jones (Green), David William Lomax (Liberal Democrat), Lesley Yvonne Morgan (Conservative), Andy Thomson (Liberal Democrat), Kath Thomson (Labour), Shannon-Kate Thomson (Labour), Margaret Weaver (Liberal Democrat).

Whitfield Ward: Keith Braithwaite (Liberal Democrat), Graham Nigel Oakley (Labour), Patricia Anne Thompson (Green), Anne Ross Worrall (Conservative).