Local Elections 2021: all candidates standing for Derbyshire County Council

Throughout today people across Derbyshire will be voting in this year's local elections - the first test for the county's politicians since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.
County Hall, Matlock.County Hall, Matlock.
County Hall, Matlock.

All 64 seats on the county council, covering 61 ward areas – known as divisions – are up for grabs.

The Conservative Party is currently in control of the authority and has been since 2017, holding a majority with 36 seats.

The Labour Party is the main opposition party with 24 seats on the council, while the Liberal Democrats hold three seats.

There is one vacant seat, the Staveley division, which had been held by Labour.

The election will have an array of procedures in place at polling stations to allow for social distancing and Covid prevention, with voters needing to bring their own pen and pencil and mandatory face coverings.

Voters are being encouraged to vote by post, for which residents will need to register for in plenty of time.

Thousands of residents have already done so due to the ongoing risk of Covid-19.

An upsurge in postal voting is likely to see the election count process take longer than usual, with results expected throughout the afternoon on Friday, May 7, instead of in the earlier hours.

The candidate lists show that the Conservative Party is the only political party to be contesting all 64 seats.

The Labour Party is contesting 63 seats, all but the Dovedale division.

Meanwhile, the Liberal Democrats are standing in 55 seats; the Green Party is standing in 43 seats; the Reform UK party is standing in six seats; the Chesterfield Independents are standing in five seats; the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition is standing in four seats; UKIP is standing on one seat and there are 15 independent candidates.

There are a total of 254 candidates competing across all 61 divisions.

A total of 16 sitting councillors are not standing for re-election, which means the authority will have at least 16 new members after the election.

Among those stepping down are long-standing members such as Labour’s former leader Cllr Anne Western and the Conservative’s Pat Murray and Judith Twigg, the current civic chairman of the council.

Two divisions, Bolsover North and Birdholme, have six-way contests for a seat on the authority.

In the previous election, in 2017, seven seats were won by fewer than 100 votes, with three coming down to less than 30 votes.

One of the Glossop and Charlesworth seats was decided by just 11 votes.

This year’s elections will see Dermot Murphy, a Conservative former district councillor, and Cllr Richard Bright, a former Conservative district councillor (now independent) going head-to-head in Wirksworth.

Two former Conservative district councillors, one of whom is now standing for Labour and another who is an independent, are competing against their former party in Linton.

Two former Derbyshire MPs, Edwina Currie and Ruth George (now a county councillor) will compete for the Whaley Bridge division.

Here are the prospective candidates for this year’s Derbyshire County Council elections, broken down alphabetically by district.

Candidates for each division are also listed alphabetically by surname, which is the order they will appear on ballots.

Amber Valley

Alfreton and Somercotes Division – two seats

Steve Elliott – Green Party

Kate Kift – Liberal Democrat

Steve Marshall-Clarke – Labour

Philip Rose – Conservative

Paul Slater – Liberal Democrat

Paul Smith – Labour

Leo Swarvett – Green Party

David Wilson – Conservative

Alport and Derwent Division

Ben Bellamy – Labour and Co-operative

Rachael Hatchett – Green Party

Michael Heap – Liberal Democrat

David Taylor – Conservative

Belper Division

Emma Monkman – Labour and Co-operative

John Morrissey – Liberal Democrat

John Nelson – Conservative

Julie Wozniczka – Green Party

Duffield and Belper South Division

Sue Allen – Liberal Democrat

Joel Bryan – Labour and Co-operative

Gez Kinsella – Green Party

Chris Short – Conservative

Greater Heanor Division

Suqie Banwait – Labour

Cathie Hallsworth – Green Party

Jerry Marler – Liberal Democrats

Alexander Stevenson – Conservative

Heanor Central Division

Michelle Belsom – Liberal Democrat

Richard Iliffe – Conservative

Paul Jones – Labour

Tina Pritchard – Green Party

Horsley Division

Trevor Ainsworth – Conservative

Matthew Jones – Labour

Matt McGuinness – Green Party

Gemma Quinton – Liberal Democrat

Ripley East and Codnor

Ron Ashton – Conservative

Tony Holmes – Labour

Kate Smith – Liberal Democrats

Jamie Walls – Green Party

Ripley West and Heage

Michael Bedford – Green Party

Paul Lobley – Labour and Co-operative

Paul Moss – Conservative

Paul Smith – Liberal Democrat


Barlborough and Clowne Division

Patricia Clough – Labour and Co-operative

Natalie Hoy – Conservative

Benjamin Marshall – Liberal Democrat

Bolsover North Division

Elaine Evans – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Matthew Hoy – Conservative

Samuel Kay – Liberal Democrat

Peter Roberts – Independent

Martin Sanders – Independent

Mick Yates – Labour and Co-operative

Bolsover South Division

Ryan Cook – Conservative

Jonathan Dale – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Joan Dixon – Labour and Co-operative

Steven Raison – Liberal Democrat

Shirebrook and Pleasley Division

Christine Dale – Labour

David Murray – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Helen Oakton – Liberal Democrat

Slywester Zwierzynski – Conservative

South Normanton and Pinxton Division

Jim Coyle – Labour

Andrew Joesbury – Independent

Brian Loader – Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition

Julian Siddle – Conservative

John Wilcock – Liberal Democrat


Nick Avis – Green Party

James Barron – Conservative

Morgan Leggett – Liberal Democrat

Debbie Marshall-Curtis – Independent

Clive Moesby – Labour


Birdholme Division

Dave Allen – Labour

Kathryn Berridge – Chesterfield Independents

Amanda Brassington – Liberal Democrat

Paul Gibbons – Conservative

Dean Rhodes – Independent

Darren Yates – Green Party

Boythorpe and Brampton South Division

Keith Falconer – Liberal Democrat

Heather Liggett – Conservative

Ron Mihaly – Labour

Theresa Powell – Chesterfield Independents

David Wadsworth – Green Party

Brimington Division

Carl Chambers – Independent

Dean Collins – Labour and Co-operative

Shirley Niblock – Liberal Democrat

Ruth Perry – Independent

Barry Thompson – Conservative

Loundsley Green and Newbold Division

Ed Fordham – Liberal Democrat

David Jones – Chesterfield Independents

Sanjoy Sen – Conservative

Mick Wall – Labour

Spire Division

Andy Barton – Green Party

Adrian Mather – Liberal Democrat

Ludwig Ramsey – Labour

Oliver Scheidt – Conservative

St Mary’s Division

Amy Dale – Conservative

Jean Innes – Labour and Co-operative

Tony Rogers – Liberal Democrat

Paul Stone – Chesterfield Independents

Staveley Division

Mick Bagshaw – Independent

Anne-Frances Hayes – Labour

Niall Hopkinson – Conservative

Paul Mann – Independent

Staveley North and Whittington Division

Barry Bingham – Liberal Democrat

Adam Parrish – Conservative

Colin Stimson – Chesterfield Independents

Marion Thorpe – Labour

Walton and West Division

John Boult – Conservative

Simon Geikie – Green Party

Stephen Lismore – Labour and Co-operative

Paul Niblock – Liberal Democrat

Derbyshire Dales

Ashbourne Division

Steve Bull – Conservative

Peter Dobbs – Liberal Democrats

John Hill – Green Party

Nick Whitehead – Labour

Bakewell Division

Peter O’Brien – Labour

Alasdair Sutton – Conservative

Derwent Valley Division

Claire Cadogan – Liberal Democrats

Susan Hobson – Conservative

Dovedale Division

Neil Buttle – Green Party

Simon Spencer – Conservative

Matlock Division

Sue Burfoot – Liberal Democrat

Christabel Holland – Green Party

Trevor Page – Labour and Co-operative

Valerie Taylor – Conservative

Wirksworth Division

Richard Bright – Independent

Paul Cruise – Liberal Democrats

Diane Fletcher – Labour and Co-operative

Dermot Murphy – Conservative

John Ward – Green Party


Breadsall and West Hallam Division

David Adams – Reform UK

Carol Hart – Conservative

Robert Mee – Liberal Democrat

Ian Wilson – Labour

Breaston Division

Robert Parkinson – Conservative

Brent Poland – Green Party

Adam Thompson – Labour and Co-operative

Ilkeston East Division

Robert Flatley – Conservative

Zee Sheldon – Green Party

Geoff Stratford – Labour

Kristopher Watts – Liberal Democrat

Ilkeston South Division

James Dawson – Labour

Aaron Gibson – Conservative

Heather Hierons – Green Party

Angela Togni – Liberal Democrat

Ilkeston West Division

Tony King – Conservative

Abbie Monaghan – Green Party

Jennifer Smith – Liberal Democrat

Dan Whittle – Labour and Co-operative

Long Eaton Division

Rachel Allen – Liberal Democrat

Lee Fletcher – Green Party

Alan Griffiths – Conservative

Gordon Thomas – Labour

Petersham Division

Garry Hickton – Conservative

Charlotte Land – Green Party

Laurie Morgen – Labour

Jane Oseman – Liberal Democrat

Sandiacre Division

Ashley Dunn – Green Party

Wayne Major – Conservative

Celia Powers – Labour

Gaynor Watts – Reform UK

Susannah Watts – Liberal Democrat

Sawley Division

James Archer – Liberal Democrat

Kewal Singh Athwal – Conservative

Denise Bond – Labour

Stephanie Dunn – Green Party

Jo Homer – Reform UK

High Peak

Buxton North and East Division

Caitlin Bisknell – Labour and Co-operative

Peter Crook – Green Party

Chris Gould – Reform UK

Linda Grooby – Conservative

Chris Weaver – Liberal Democrats

Buxton West Division

Stan Heptinstall – Liberal Democrat

Tony Kemp – Conservative

David Newton – Labour

Eileen Reynolds – Green Party

Chapel and Hope Valley Division

Paddy Bann – Independent

Joanna Collins – Green Party

Nigel Gourlay – Conservative

Phil Harrison – Labour

James Patterson – Liberal Democrat

Etherow Division

Christopher Boyle – United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP)

Robert Hodgetts-Haley – Green Party

Charles Jevon – Liberal Democrat

Becki Woods – Labour

Thomas Wynne – Conservative

Glossop and Charlesworth Division – two seats

Gerry Dominey – Labour

Damien Greenhalgh – Labour

Dom Starkey – Conservative

Robyn Summers – Green Party

Jean Wharmby – Conservative

Stephen Worrall – Liberal Democrats

New Mills Division

Tony Ashton – Conservative

Beth Atkins – Liberal Democrat

Anne Clarke – Labour and Co-operative

Matthew Paterson – Green Party

Whaley Bridge Division

Edwina Currie Jones – Conservative

Ruth George – Labour and Co-operative

Lucas Jones – Green Party

David Lomax – Liberal Democrat

North East Derbyshire

Clay Cross North Division

Charlotte Cupit – Conservative

Janet Hill – Labour

Ross Shipman – Liberal Democrat

Clay Cross South Division

William Armitage – Conservative

Kevin Gillott – Labour

Dave Jones – Reform UK

Julia Vongyer – Liberal Democrat

Dronfield East Division

Alex Dale – Conservative

Roland Lovatt – Labour

Carly Radford – Green Party

Simon Temple – Liberal Democrats

Dronfield West and Walton Division

David Cheetham – Labour

Angelique Foster – Conservative

Emma Harpham – Liberal Democrat

Eckington and Killamarsh Division – two seats

Anne Clarke – Labour

Mark Firth – Liberal Democrat

Mark Foster – Conservative

Alan Marshall – Liberal Democrats

Steve Pickering – Labour

Carolyn Renwick – Conservative

John Rose – Independent

Sutton Division

Nigel Barker – Labour

Emily Main – Green Party

Keiron Payne – Independent

Blaine Uknighted – Liberal Democrat

Jack Woolley – Conservative

Wingerworth and Shirland Division

Frank Adlington-Stringer – Green Party

Ross Griffin – Labour and Co-operative

Barry Lewis – Conservative

Camille Ramshaw – Liberal Democrat

South Derbyshire

Aston Division

Neil Atkin – Conservative

Alan Graves – Reform UK

John Hills – Liberal Democrats

Caroline Scott – Green Party

Iain Wilson – Labour

Etwall and Repton Division

Amanda Baker – Green Party

Martyn Ford – Conservative

Stephen Hardwick – Liberal Democrat

John McCallum – Labour

Hilton Division

Grahame Andrew – Liberal Democrat

Julie Jackson – Labour

Julie Patten – Conservative

Martin Wall – Green Party

Linton Division

Dan Pegg – Labour

Stuart Swann – Conservative

Amy Wheelton – Independent

Melbourne Division

Jane Carroll – Labour

David Du Celliee Muller – Conservative

Thomas James – Liberal Democrats

Jonathan Wood – Green Party

Swadlincote Central Division

Sylvia Dearing – Green Party

Alan Jones – Labour

Gary Musson – Conservative

Swadlincote North Division

Sean Bambrick – Labour

Peter Smith – Conservative

Swadlincote South

Jude Boynton – Green Party

Louise Mulgrew – Labour

Roger Redfern – Conservative

To take part in this year’s election you must register to vote by Monday, April 19.

The deadline to register for a postal vote is 5pm on Tuesday, April 20 and the deadline for proxy vote applications – in which a designated person votes on your behalf – is Tuesday, April 27.

In the Derbyshire county area, all parts of the county excluding Derby, voters will be casting ballots for the county council elections at the same time as voting for Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner.

Amber Valley and Bolsover residents will have additional votes for their respective borough council election and by-elections.