Town hall rich list: Dozens of officials paid more than £100,000 a year in Derbyshire

New figures have revealed how many council officials in Derbyshire were being paid over £100,000 during the pandemic.

Friday, 22nd April 2022, 12:34 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd April 2022, 12:40 pm

The 2020-21 town hall rich list has been released by the Taxpayers’ Alliance, and their data shows that the number of local authority employees earning over £100,000 has risen to the highest level since 2013-14.

In Derbyshire, no fewer than than 19 council officials earned over £100,000, with the highest-paid among those earning £175,352.

John O’Connell, chief executive of the TaxPayers' Alliance, said: “Taxpayers facing a cost of living crisis want to know they are getting value for money from their local authority leadership.

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Every local authority in Derbyshire had at least one member of staff on the list.

“With households having suffered through the pandemic and now struggling under colossal tax bills, the country needs councils to prioritise key services without resorting to punishing tax hikes.

“These figures will allow residents to judge town hall bosses for themselves and hold their local councils to account.”

The full breakdown of every official paid more than £83,000 in Derbyshire is below:

Amber Valley Borough Council:

Executive director (resources): £89,000

Executive director (operations): £89,000

Bolsover District Council:

Director of development: £94,743

Joint director of corporate resources (head of paid service): £87,707

Chesterfield Borough Council:

Chief executive: £114,083

Executive director: £94,546

Executive director: £94,546

Derby City Council:

Chief executive and head of paid service: £175,352

Strategic director of people services: £141,897

Strategic director of communities and places: £130,045

Director of financial services and appointed strategic director: £106,353

Acting director of public health (then became director of public health): £112,364

Undisclosed role: £112,500

Undisclosed role: £107,500

Undisclosed role: £102,500

Derbyshire County Council:

Managing executive director (commissioning, communities and policy): £134,880

Executive director of children’s services: £129,655

Executive director of adult social care and health: £122,574

Director of finance and ICT: £101,644

Director of public health: £100,874

Director of property: £99,186

Director of organisation, development and policy: £97,515

Director of community services: £88,711

Undisclosed role: £102,500

Derbyshire Dales District Council:

Chief executive: £114,171

Erewash Borough Council:

Chief executive: £120,209

Director of resources and deputy chief executive: £98,995

Director of community services: £83,017

High Peak Borough Council:

Executive director: £104,278

North East Derbyshire District Council:

Joint director of environment and enforcement: £87,480

South Derbyshire District Council:

Chief executive: £131,951

Strategic director (service delivery): £96,211

Strategic director (corporate resources): £96,211

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