Heartbreaking update on dog found in village near Buxton

A dog found alone in a village near Buxton has sadly had to be put to sleep after it was discovered he had multiple tumours and other serious health conditions.

By Louise Cooper
Friday, 14th May 2021, 3:07 pm

Police had appealed for help to trace the owner of the dog after it was found alone in Flagg on Monday, May 3.

The dog had no microchip or collar and when no-one came forward to claim him, he was taken under the care of Team Poundie, a registered charity working with rescues in order to save dogs from death in council pounds.

The charity did all it could for the dog, who they named Bobby, but sadly he was just too poorly and had to be put to sleep this morning.

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Bobby was found to have multiple tumours, his spine was fused below the shoulders and his teeth were rotten

A spokesperson from Team Poundie said: "Bobby could not walk. The police were called to assist getting Bobby out of the road and the dog warden called to keep Bobby safe. It was evident that Bobby had been neglected.

“Upon meeting him our wonderful kennels knew he was a very poorly boy so at the end of the working day Bobby was taken down to our vets to be seen. It was evident from his condition that he had something wrong with his spine/hips and he had swelling on all of his joints. Bobby was in a great deal of pain. The wonderful vet gave Bobby some pain killers, anti inflammatories and also antibiotics as he had multiple rotten teeth. A plan was made to fully sedate him today (Friday) and take scans, xrays and go from there. If he was otherwise healthy (apart from the expected age related deterioration) we would do a dental and remove his rotting teeth and put him on a pain management plan.

“I went to go and see Bobby yesterday. He was in an awful condition. It was evident that he had endured months of neglect. His physical condition would not have deteriorated like that over night.

"Today Bobby went to the vets. Sophie, our vet, is just wonderful. However Sophie had to give me the news that would break my heart. Bobby was past saving.

Bobby had been found alone in the village of Flagg near Buxton

"He had multiple tumours around his heart, lungs and shadows around his spine. His spine itself was fused below the shoulders. At some point his spine would fracture and do irreparable damage to his spinal chord. There was no saving him. Not even to keep him pain free. So we made the tough decision to let him go peacefully whilst he was fast asleep.”

The charity added that they would like to thank those who helped care for Bobby, and who were there for him at the end, as well as everyone who had donated for Bobby’s care and sent well wishes.

“On a final note, if this resonates with you, or anyone you know, and you are struggling please please get in touch,” Team Poundie added.

"We are always happy to help and support those who ask for it. We are a welfare charity. We love dogs and want to help them and their people as much as we can. Please don’t allow another dog to go through what Bobby has been through. Reach out and ask for help. Better a day too soon than a day too late.”