Hayfield pupils decorate rocks to raise a smile on World Mental Health Day

Youngsters in Hayfield are hiding rocks to make people smile on World Mental Health Day.

Thursday, 10th October 2019, 10:52 am
Hayfield primary school pupils paint rocks for World mental health day. Reception and year 6 pupils.

The children from Hayfield Primary School have been decorating rocks with happy messages, rainbows and smiles which will be hidden around the village on World Mental Health Day today (Thursday) for residents to find.

Deputy headteacher Siobhan Homes said she wanted to celebrate the day and start the conversation on mental health.

She said: “We have been talking to the children about their feelings and letting them know that it’s okay not be okay and that we and their parents are here to listen to them.

“We are hiding the rocks so for that moment when they are found they can bring a smile to people’s face. It is our way of doing a little bit and starting the conversation about mental health which is so important.”

Youngsters from one of the school’s feeder nurseries, Blue Grass Purple Cow, have also been involved with the project and Siobhan said the nursery staff have spent a week talking about feelings with the children.

She said: “We want to give children the tools to understand why they are feeling how they do and what they can do to try and make themselves feel better.

“Being outside is great for everyone’s mental health and I’m sure after the rocks have been hidden there will be a lot of families out hunting, not just for their rocks but other rocks too, which will be a great way to bond and have fun.”