Do you know who the new Whaley Bridge banksy is?

Mystery surrounds the appearance of a graffiti message at Whaley Bridge’s Toddbrook Reservoir dam.

Wednesday, 11th December 2019, 12:41 pm
Updated Friday, 13th December 2019, 2:40 pm
Toddbrook dam was dubbed Whaley Bridge's 'wonderwall'.
Toddbrook dam was dubbed Whaley Bridge's 'wonderwall'.

The dam was spray-painted with the words ‘Our Wonderwall’ with photos of the graffiti being circulated on Facebook on December 9.

Users on Facebook have praised the artist saying that the dam ‘truly deserves this name’ and that the mural is ‘fantastic’.

It is unknown who painted the famous Oasis lyric onto the dam.

Work is still ongoing at the site after a major incident had to be declared in August when damage to the dam wall discovered leading to fears the dam could collapse and flood the town.

A spokesperson for the River and Canal Trust said: “We were aware of the ‘Our Wonderwall’ message on the face of the dam at Toddbrook Reservoir. It seemed to be a positive message and all in good humour and we appreciate the sentiment.

“That said, the spillway is a works site and, for safety reasons, we therefore can’t condone people being on it. The decision was taken locally to wash off the message. Apologies to the person who obviously spent some time and effort putting the message on there in the first place.”