Derbyshire charity looking for new trustees

A charity which supports people in rural areas of Derbyshire is looking for people interested in making a difference to join its board of trustees.

By Louise Cooper
Friday, 10th December 2021, 3:28 pm
Could you join the board of trustees at Rural Action Derbyshire?
Could you join the board of trustees at Rural Action Derbyshire?

Rural Action Derbyshire (RAD) was set up in 1924 and works to address a range of issues that affect people living away from major towns and cities.

Chief executive Beverley Parker said: “Living in a rural area isn’t always the idyllic lifestyle that many envisage it will be. Transport, the erosion of local services and the cost of living are added pressures that impact more on vulnerable people, or those on limited incomes. Mental health, social isolation and poverty are all very real issues. The impact of covid has been significant in rural areas and has highlighted how much further people have to travel to access covid related health services such as testing and vaccination centres.”

There are currently three trustee vacancies and RAD is interested to hear from anyone who has an interest in supporting rural communities in Derbyshire. Requirements are enthusiasm, relevant skills and experience, along with being able to spare the appropriate time.

Trustees are required to attend board meetings which take place four times a year. For the foreseeable future, meetings will be on Zoom and last for up to three hours with two hours of time required beforehand to read the papers.

More information about what the charity does in Derbyshire can be found on the RAD website at

Anyone with any queries on the role can email [email protected]