Buxton Mountain Rescue Team's world first with TV show

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team teamed up with a television production company for a special live chat show highlighting the work they do.

The almost 90 minute show, which aired on Sunday evening on Youtube and Facebook, is believed to be the first of its kind in the world for the emergency services.

The Dove Holes base for Buxton Mountain Rescue Team (BMRT) was converted into a studio with the production team all working for free to produce the one off magazine style show.

Darren Hunt from BMRT’s media team said: “We are all so proud, the final show wildly exceeded our expectations.

"It has been great to be involved with something like this and the team were all buzzing afterwards.”

The idea for a TV style broadcast came about in 2019 when the team were approached by a Salford University student who enjoyed life in the outdoors and wanted to make a short film for his coursework.

The show was meant to happen last year but with the lockdown it was pushed back and even though student, Luke Leuter, has since graduated and got a job in the industry, he still wanted to make the show.

Darren said: “We did a lot of research and preparation beforehand and we haven’t found anything like this by any other emergency organisation in the UK and even worldwide.

Behind the scenes of the BMRT's 90 minute long chat show

"There have been live broadcasts done from fire stations or police stations but nothing to this standard or of this length."

The show had presenters, Carney and Kerry, both team members themselves interviewing the team leader Neil Carruthers and casualties who had been rescued by the team and had suffered a broken back or had to wear a halo drilled into their skull after taking a fall.

The show also brought in £450 in donations as people clicked to donate while watching the live stream.

Darren added: “We wanted to highlight the work not just of the Buxton Mountain Rescue but the mountain rescues in the Peak District and up and down the country and the other life-saving volunteers like the RNLI.”To watch the clip search Buxton Mountain Rescue on Youbtube.

Some of the team who took part in the chat show style show
Up in the production suite at the Dove Holes base