Buxton Mountain Rescue team rescue stranded dog

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team are used to calls to help injured or lost walkers.

By Louise Cooper
Thursday, 27th May 2021, 9:22 am

But the call out they received on Tuesday was somewhat more unusual as it involved helping to rescue a dog instead of a person.

A local resident was out walking in the Monsal Trail area with two dogs which had followed an animal trail away from the path, on Tuesday evening.

One of the dogs then turned back but the other carried on across the river up a steep slope towards the limestone cliffs where it disappeared from view.

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A Buxton Mountain Rescue Team member with the rescued dog.

A friend was enlisted to take the other dog home so that the dog owner could begin the search for the missing dog, but despite help from a local landowner it was clear the dog was on dangerous steep ground, and not responding to calls. Realising that professional help was required the dog walker dialled 999 and asked for Police and Mountain Rescue.

Team members arrived on scene and after identifying the dog’s location, they used a drone to get an overview of the site including the best place to wade across the river.

As light was fading the dog was found in a gully and made safe by team member Mark who reported that the dog was shaking, and his heartbeat could be felt as he was carried down the slope.

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team members with the dog

After calming the dog, the next task was to wade back cross the river by torchlight, with safety cover provided by a member of the swift water rescue team. Once on the safety of the river bank the dog was reunited with its owner to be walked back to the trail and the team vehicles.A team spokesperson said: “A great outcome for a situation that could easily have gone differently. The dog owner very sensibly realised the terrain was potentially dangerous so called for help, which the team were delighted to provide.”

Buxton Mountain Rescue Team are on call 24/7, 365 days a year. Staffed entirely by volunteers, the team relies on donations to continue its operations. To find out more about the team, see https://www.buxtonmountainrescue.org.uk/.