Real-life Top Guns are pictured putting their RAF Typhoon fighter jets through their pace

Breathtaking pictures show real-life Top Guns putting their RAF Typhoons through their paces over Peak District

This is the breathtaking moment three real-life Top Guns are pictured putting their RAF Typhoon fighter jets through their paces in the skies over Derbyshire.

By Adam Dutton
Friday, 27th May 2022, 9:14 am

The trio were captured roaring over the Peak District just a few hundred feet apart.

Grandfather Richard Bowring, 60, snapped the three planes as they zoomed over his head near Hathersage.

The retired telecommunications engineer and amateur photographer was taking pictures when he spotted the jets in the distance.

Richard, from Stoney Middleton, said: “I’d been hoping to picture an Airbus Atlas A400 which I’d seen on a flight tracking app.

“When it hadn’t appeared after 20 minutes I was thinking about going home when I suddenly saw three dots in the distance.

“I could hear the roar of their engines as they got closer and I just started taking pictures.

“They were flying quite low to the ground and were just a few hundred feet apart when they banked back round through the valley.

“It was very exciting and it’s unusual to see three so close together.

“They often practice manoeuvres over Derwent Reservoir and I’ve found a good place to take pictures of them as they come through the valley.

“As the planes flew past me almost at eye level I was able to take some very clear pictures of the pilots inside the cockpits.

“It was a bit like watching the real-life Top Guns.”

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