LETTER: People will not declare ‘cash in hand’

In reply to Mark Spencer, I do not believe changes to benefit plans benefit us all, we are still paying people to work, and not to work, which can’t be right. 
If you look at some of the menial jobs on job sites, it states that some jobs are cash in hand, so does he really expect people to disclose this when claiming benefits? 
Also maybe we would not need such a huge influx of cash into mental health, if the large amount of the general public were not on drugs that are known to cause mental health issues. 
And on the subject of the rise of the state pension, with the constant rise in cost for utilities, food, and council tax, and the added fact that many will have to wait up to six extra years, to be able to claim their pension, I certainly do not see any benefit at all for the majority of people.

E. Thomas

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