LETTER: Councillors should ‘adopt a migrant’

How shameful of North East Derbyshire District Council to, in my view, use migratory people for political gain.
To suggest to the public to offer homes to migrants. What of the hundreds in Derbyshire who are homeless? Had it been nearer Christmas they would have come out of the political woodwork. There are many families in dire need of housing in Derbyshire. People that for years have not got on the council housing list.

Council leader Graham Baxtor MBE and his colleagues should start by offering their homes to a migrant. A few months ago a homeless person slept near my mother’s grave, it wasn’t in Syria, no it was Spital Cemetery. 
Councillors are on a very high salary, more than most working men, and their expenses run in to many thousands of pounds. 
So councillors show your true colours, by each of you adopting a migrant. What is next, a few pounds on our council tax to pay for this fiasco?

Graham Burton

Greenland Close,

North Wingfield