New Mills cancer survivor sings at Abbey Road Studios

A musician who has had to have her leg amputated because of cancer has recorded a song in Abbey Road studios in London.

Lindsay Stead from New Mills performing at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London
Lindsay Stead from New Mills performing at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London

Lindsay Stead, from New Mills, is part of a group of patients from the teenage and young adult unit at The Christie, who have recorded a song about their experiences of cancer, at the iconic studios in London.

The 25-year-old is one of two vocalists on the recording. Lindsay was referred to The Christie when she was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in her leg in 2016. After surgery and intensive radiotherapy, routine scans showed another tumour had appeared on one of her lungs. Lindsay then developed yet another tumour on her leg, which meant the only option available, was amputation.

She said: “I underwent surgery to remove the tumour on my lung and intensive chemotherapy that made me consistently unwell. I then started to get pain in my leg again and I somehow knew what was ahead. I had fallen out of love with my leg by this point so the thought of amputation was a kind of relief.

“Music is my stress reliever, so the Abbey road trip couldn’t have come at a better time. I had just passed my grade 3 piano exam after learning to play at The Christie, so to see where The Beatles had performed and to play the pianos great musicians have played was unbelievable. It has really inspired me to continue with my music.”

Lindsay had surgery to amputate her leg three days after returning from Abbey Road.

Written in the dedicated music room in the specialist cancer hospital, the song ‘We Keep on Going’ voices the group of five young patients mutual feelings of fear, anguish, determination and hope they face on a daily basis with the disease.

Funded by The Christie charity, the music room is equipped with a full range of instruments that patients on the bespoke teenage and young adult unit, can learn how to play with the support of two music tutors. Patients can also take music exams and get one to one support with their singing.

Music tutor, Stephanie Furness, said: “We’re extremely lucky to have the support of The Christie to fund this project. We have been working with the group since November and to be able to make their musical dreams a reality at Abbey Road at such a difficult time for them, is something very special.”

To listen to the song click here and to make a donation to help The Christie Hospital in Manchester click here.