Nando's launches its hottest sauce ever

Chicken chain Nando's is to test the tastebuds of their local clientele - with their hottest sauce yet.


The Peri-Peri Vusa contains more chillies than any of its other sauces, more even than their Extra Extra Hot Peri-Peri, top of the temperature charts - until today.

‘Vusa’ translates as ‘excitement and fire’ in the Zulu language as the Johannesburg-founded company aims to bring a taste of its South African heritage to the shores of the UK.

The chilli-packed recipe has, as ever, Peri-Peri as its basis, with the new Vusa sauce also getting its ‘intense, full-bodied taste’ from regular ingredients like garlic, citrus and onion.

In its official announcement adding Peri-Peri Vusa to its condiment collection, Nando’s said it is “versatile enough to drizzle on everything from flame-grilled chicken wings with PERi-PERi chips to supergrain salad, yet fiery enough to impress mates and dates alike”.