Motorists in Buxton could lose all free parking

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Drivers face being hit with new parking charges as Derbyshire County Council looks to expand its on-street parking restrictions in Buxton.

The new scheme proposes the introduction of a wide raft of new waiting restrictions, pay and display zones and residents’ permit parking areas.

Pay and display parking Buxton

Pay and display parking Buxton

If given the green light, the impact of the new proposals would be felt across Buxton, with waiting restrictions introduced on parts of Park Road, St John’s Road, Burlington Road, Bath Road, West Road, Lismore Road, Lismore Park and Lismore Grove.

Pay and display parking would also be introduced on parts of Water Street, Bridge Street, The Crescent, Holker Road, Hardwick Street, Hardwick Mount, Burlington Road and Palace Road.

Buxton county councillor Caitlin Bisknell has called for the controversial parking plans to be withdrawn immediately.

She said: “I recognise that the county council is in a difficult situation and that something does clearly need to be done to address the town’s chronic parking problems.

“However, it cannot be done in an isolated or piecemeal way. If the plans go ahead in the current form there will be no free parking left in the town centre; while parking around The Park will just be pushed further out onto adjacent roads.

“What Buxton needs is an holistic approach to traffic management in the town, not just the ad hoc introduction of new charges and restrictions.

“That means working with partners such as the borough council, the opera house, the University of Derby and Buxton Town Team – and of course, most importantly, residents.”

Resident Angela Kinsley-Marpole said: “Putting machines on Bridge Street will drive people out of the town and small local shops like G&T Motors will lose out to large multi-nationals elsewhere.

A parking ticket

A parking ticket

“If they want to limit parking but encourage people to visit the town and use the shops, why not instigate a parking disc scheme whereby you could park for one hour for free.”

A Derbyshire County Council spokesman said: “We’re currently running a consultation to hear the public’s views on proposals to change some of the parking restrictions in Buxton town centre.

“The proposals take into account the loss of town centre parking spaces due to the Crescent development and introducing new pay and display restrictions.

“People can take a look at the proposals in Buxton library and if they want to give their views they can email”

If the scheme gets the go-ahead, there would be no waiting at any time restrictions on sections of Park Road, St John’s Road, Burlington Road, Bath Road, West Road, Lismore Grove, Lismore Park and Water Street. Areas introducing no waiting between 10am and 4pm on Lismore Road and Lismore Grove would also be introduced.

The county council wants to install pay and display metres on Bridge Street which would operate daily between 8am and 6pm, allowing a two-hour stay with no return within an hour. The charges would be £1 for one hour and £2 for two hours.

The north and south side of The Crescent - including the central traffic island - may also have parking metres with similar times and pricing tariffs, however spaces could be used by those with residents permits which costs £35 annually.

On Water Street a metre could see drivers paying £1 for one hour, £2 for two hours and £3 for up to four hours, operating between 8am and 6pm, although again residents permits could be used.

The east side of Holker Road would feature short-term parking, charging motorists £2 for a stay up to two hours.

Everyday between 8am and 6pm could see charges come into force on Hardwick Mount, costing £1 for one hour and £2 for a maximum two-hour stay. The same rules would apply on Palace Road, although on Burlington Road drivers would be able to park for up to four hours between 8am and 6pm for £3, and residents parking permits would be valid.

The scheme would also allow drivers with a disabled badge to park for a maximum of three hours, between 8am and 6pm, on The Crescent and Water Street. Coaches would be able to park on Burlington Road for up to two hours, with proposed loading bays on Water Street and permit holder-only parking bays.