LETTER:Where is football heading?

The question being asked at the moment is where is football in the United Kingdom heading?'¨Surely these extortionate transfer fees for players in the Premiership need to be stopped.

After all you know who is paying, whether it be on season tickets, at the turnstile, or on subscriptions to television rights: it’s the general public that are footing the bill.
Is it not time to put a cap on transfer fees and wages? Who is worth £350,000 a match? 
Nobody, and again the only people suffering are the many hundreds of thousands of people who follow their teams home and away.
It is very different in the lower divisions where the teams rely on the chairman and the board of the team plus volunteers and sponsorship to fund much of the resources required.
After discussing the cost of an away match for a family of four in the second division, I find out it costs after paying for coach tickets, food, and match tickets approximately £120.

So the question is how much does it cost to watch Premier League games? I was astonished to find out up to double that amount much depending on which team you support.

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I say enough is enough, and to find out the kind of money agents representing the players are getting that also is a scandal.
I move on to why is England struggling on the world stage?

Simple, not enough English bred players are being given the chance to blossom at the top level, managers are only interested in buying foreign so-called stars, at extortionate prices.

Surely it is time to allow only four foreign nationals in each side, the other seven must be English born and bred, that is the only way we will get de cent English teams.
John Wilmott

By email